Ivonne Montero enjoys her vacations on the paradisiacal beaches of Mexico

Yvonne Montero.

Photo: ROBERTO SCHMIDT / AFP / Getty Images

Ivonne Montero has been seen on the paradisiacal beaches of Mexico enjoying a break after leaving ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’ as the winner of $200,000 dollars.

The Mexican singer and actress has published several images of her trip to Quintana Roo on her Instagram account, along with several people very close to her. In one of the publications he shared, he is seen on the seashore holding a snail and making it sound by blowing it. This is the message with which she accompanied this photograph:

“In the Mexica culture, the snail symbolizes the physical body and its sound the spiritual body. The snail represents the air element on earth, air that with its sound feeds the bodies in a spiritual way. I always live looking for the balance between both .. I really connect with it .. the Aztecs saw the snail as a symbol of life, fertility and creation .. it was used for religious rituals and even in sacrifices as offerings to their deities to deserve kindness from Mother Nature”.

Ivonne Montero, winner of the second season of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ has not stopped sharing images and part of the moments she has lived after leaving the house where she stayed for more than three months and lived with other celebrities for 24 hours of the day, being recorded by cameras and seen by millions of people.

On this trip, Montero has shown how proud she is to be Mexican in several of the messages she has published to accompany her photos: “My unique Mexico…🇲🇽 beautiful and beloved… fertile land, riches and folklore… the most beautiful sunset in my eyes that fills my heart with pride,” he expressed in another photograph.

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