Ivonne Montero’s leadership affects the plans in ‘The House of the Famous’

Ivonne Montero is the leader of ‘The House of the Famous’ in that decisive week. The Mexican actress won the last title of leader of the reality show and this changed many of the plans that the other participants had within the program.

In a video published by Telemundo Realities, several of the opinions of the celebrities who continue in the program that has a $200,000 prize were collected.

Natalia Alcocer, who has just received a visit from her three daughters, was the first to speak about her strategy: “Since last week I wanted to mess with her, with the strongest and now I was not going to nominate her.”

Nacho Casano said: “Ivonne’s immunity did, in effect, force me to rethink my nominating votes.” while Daniella Navarro expressed: “It changed me at least two points. I already had two points clear for her and another little point was still there in we will see but yes, if she changed them for me”.

In the same way, Salvador Zerboni spoke: “The truth is that I was going to nominate two other people, of course it is in my mind because we are already very few.”

Laura Bozzo, for her part, indicated “It was the direct target of the blue room” and Toni Costa stated: “She was going to take a dot from me and now that dot has to go to someone else.”

Ivonne Montero also participated in the video and expressed the following words: “I’m sure I was going to be on that expelled wall, they were going to send me.”

In the decisive stage of ‘The House of the Famous’ a new surprise came for the 7 celebrities who are in the reality show: Now everyone must sleep in the same room, which is orange. The blue room and the purple room have disappeared. This situation was not very funny to Laura Bozzo, who was the one who reacted negatively to this situation.

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