Ivy Queen is told on Instagram that they want a song with Karol G

Ivy Queen

Photo: Jared Siskin/Getty Images

Ivy Queen published on her Instagram account, where she has more than 3.4 million followers, a video in which she shows off her outfit, makeup and also gives a little dance. “Cultural heritage. Oite !!!”, is the message with which the Puerto Rican singer accompanied this audiovisual set to music with one of her songs, called ‘Malvada’.

The publication of the “Diva del reggaetón” has so far more than 106,000 reproductions and several comments from his followers. Among those messages, one stands out in which they ask the Puerto Rican for a musical collaboration with one of the most famous artists today: Karol G.

“The Queen. We want ft with the bichota !!!!”, was the message left by one of the followers.

Several of the other comments are from people who are happy that the Puerto Rican is well, because A few weeks ago, he caused concern after showing a video in which he revealed that he was going through a difficult health situation.

“In this life I am an apprentice, not a victim. Here I am, with the overwhelming force of a heart that does not give up because I am a warrior by nature and I congratulate myself for how brave I have been in these moments. Please, whenever you can, be an angel in someone’s life because you don’t know when you might need one in life. Thank you all for looking out for me,” the Puerto Rican had said in that video.

These are some of the messages that were left about it in this new video that he published: “You are super divine, very fashionable. And I feel super happy to see that you are already well. As always wishing you the best in the world may God bless you and fill you with great health and be very happy with your loved ones “, “How happy it is to see you well. God bless you always…”, “It’s good that you have a better heart. Greetings from Humacao, Puerto Rico” and “My diva blessings” are some of the wishes for her that can be read.

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