J Balvin launches his most intimate and personal album ‘Jose’: “You have to stop deifying artists”

J Balvin launches ‘Jose’ his most intimate and personal album, convinced that: “You have to stop deifying artists.”

As he himself told us in an interview, the pain he experienced last year with COVID-19, what he learned, made him connect more with his essence.

Today, living in New York with her partner Valentina Ferrer and her son Río, J Balvin or simply Jose, He decided to indulge himself in making an album that could be his perfect playlist., but sung by him. With disco, he spins ahead, the singer opens his heart like never before, and sends a message to all those who are going to see him on stage and still hesitate to get the vaccine against COVID-19.

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Valentina Ferrer and J Balvin. Photo: Getty Images

-You give the album your name, ‘Jose’ because you say it is your most personal album, why?
J Balvin: I did it as if I were a creator of the playlist of the music that I wanted to listen to, but it is interpreted by me, the type of songs, the type of sound and the versatility between each song, is what I would like to hear from another artist, but in this case it’s me. It is a very personal albumThere are a couple of lyrics that are very inspiring like ‘Siete de Mayo’, like the family song, which is in gratitude to the history that I had to go through in order to get to where I am.

-What did you learn from this process that you had to go through to get to where you want to be?
J Balvin: It is not easy, in fact I have not yet reached where I want to be, I do not mean professional, I refer more to my life as Jose, have a much stronger emotional stability, more stable, enjoy and learn thoroughly, but also with the simplicity that happiness has … I still have a lot to learn, to improve, to elevate.

-There is one of the songs, ‘Lo que Dios Quiera’, which talks about friendship, but it is a common phrase that is appealed to… What do you use it for?
J Balvin: I grew up with that phrase, which Jose used, ‘whatever God wants’ … And in the end you see it, because we ended up realizing that we do not have control of everythingOtherwise we would not be going through a pandemic like this. I really like that song because it says: ‘what God wants, what is there is p’uno and what is not expected’ … They are very sincere songs, and very with the popular way of talking about life situations.

J Balvin his concert tour
J Balvin his concert tour. Photo: Universal Music

-How do you imagine this return after an imposed confinement?
J Balvin: What is very clear to me is that the human being is a being of habit, we get used to being on tour, we do enjoy it, but now we see the lack of it. Now when I have an event I am the fan of the public, the one who wants to see the people is me, normally the fan wants to see the artist, but my feeling is that I have to see them.

It is as if you were a high performance athlete and stopped training for a season, it has also been a work of learn to reconnect with the public, because like all art needs practice, no matter how much you have a gift or that ability, you have to train it. He spent a year and a half without training her, well with whom, I can sing to my girlfriend yes, but it is not the same as singing to thousands of people, it is a type of energy, some shows reconnecting … Being on stage for me is like dancing or riding a bicycleOnce you learn it, it is not forgotten, but if you stop assembling the skills are not the same, then the same on stage, I am still a student.

-And it returns you to those unique experiences of the first times …
J Balvin: One hundred percent, and the uncertainty in a positive way, the desire to see which song they will sing the most, or what happened in these months that I could not see public, parties, discos, what is connecting with the public of my music.

-What are you going to miss and what did you learn to enjoy, if there is anything, of this quarantine of more than a year?
J Balvin: The time with my friends I will miss a lot, right now I am in New York and I have spent days in Medellín with my family, sharing with them. ANDThis was a year of a lot of learning, of a lot of pain, COVID hurt me a lotI’ve been recovering for a year. To once again understand our vulnerability, our stability as human beings, that is why the album is called Jose, the experience that I had all last year is: “What about J Balvin, or what, if a virus arrives that does not discriminate?”… We are all equal here, the law of nature is for everyone, it doesn’t matter who you are, what you represent, what you do, if you have power or not, in the end we are all under the same umbrella.

-How are you today?
J Balvin: Well, I feel very good thank God, every day I improve more. There are days that I have as flashbacks of difficult moments. When you get out of COVID, you are more vigilant, the feeling of “returned”Even if I’m vaccinated, it stresses me out a lot. But the trials of life nobody said it was going to be easy, that’s why this album is so real, it’s me, it’s Jose, I do not come here to tell or pretend anything, but what I am, a human being like any other, we must stop deifying artists… Yes, it’s fine, you have to respect them, but from there to thinking that they are above or that they are untouchable or that nothing is wrong with them, that story I do not believe it, and they do not believe it either, that it is not real.

-The pandemic showed us that there is neither above nor below, but the same …
J Balvin: We have always been, but it is a teaching of humility, of recognizing. Nevertheless, we still have the pride of people who still do not want to be vaccinated, I can not understand it.

-What is going to happen with your concerts in cities that do not require vaccination, and that possibly among your spectators there are unvaccinated people?
J Balvin: My first show was in Texas, which was the only state that never closed, and the truth for me was very difficult to see so many public without a mask… I was impressed, why ?! why?!… I am very empathetic towards mental health because I have suffered from it, I am very empathic with COVID because it happened to meIt was hard, it was not smooth. They didn’t take me to the hospital but I was within minutes of being, and People who have died, acquaintances, very young, very healthy hurt me… They told us that this was only for those who had a problem in the lungs, in the kidney and not, This if you connect, connect and period, it takes you… That experience of seeing everyone without masks was quite shocking, happy to see them again, but also to think: “How many people here are infected?”, “How many went out and infected their parents, their grandparents?”… I think a little more or a lot more.

-An ideal scenario for you, a dream beyond the success of your tour, is that your audience is aware, that they get vaccinated, that they wear masks?
J Balvin: Hundred percent, Please get vaccinated, get vaccinated for others, let’s not be so selfish, so credulous of those fake news that speak ill of the vaccine. If you are religious, man comes from God and we have the power to create; If you are totally atheist, science shows you that it works, for one or the other you have to get vaccinated.


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