J Balvin will launch an application to promote mental health

J Balvin He is one of the few artists who has been open about his mental health issues and how he has been dealing with them over the years, while increasing his fame as a music star.

After going through several moments that he himself has defined as very “complicated”, marked by severe depressionhas now decided to use his experience to help other people improve their emotional well-being through the launch of a bilingual app called ‘OYE’.

“Due to my own journey with mental health, for some time I wanted to create a community-focused company that could make an impact in key areas related to emotional well-being. The path to health is different for each person, and deeply personal,” Balvin explained in a statement.

The platform will provide access to resources and tools to make mental and emotional health a priority, always exploiting the most creative side of each individual. The digital tool will offer daily wellness practices in Spanish and English to help its users change their mood through guided reflections through videos and audios, so that they can transform negative emotions into positive thoughts through movement and improve their personal relationships through listening.

Carlos Lopez, J Balvin’s personal therapist and a leader in psychiatry and research in Latin America, will act as director of the OYE Wellness Council, and Mari Sierra, a Mexican leader in the world of wellness and an expert in the mind-body connection, will be the wellness director. OYE will be available from September 2022; however, you can already register with various benefits such as a free membership for one year.

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