Jackie Guerrido breaks the silence: The return to ‘Despierta América en domingo’, and the nightmare of COVID

It was his first opportunity on national television, he broke the barrier of prejudices that to give time you just have to have a great body … He studied, prepared, tried to grow and he succeeded. Who? Jackie Guerrido, who a few weeks ago was the protagonist of the controversy, when several Univision talents were infected with COVID-19, including her.

In an exclusive interview, Jackie breaks the silence, talks about his return to the Univision morning show, but now as a presenter with María Antonieta Collins and Raúl González in ‘Wake up America on Sunday’, starting next September 19 at 8/7 AM. And he tells of his experience with COVID, and today, that he already felt it in his own body, he advises to get vaccinated.

– Are you going back to your house, to ‘the happiest house on Hispanic television’?

Jackie Guerrido: It was given to me, it is one of the jobs that I have enjoyed the most. I have done everything in the course of these years at Univisión, I have worked in almost all the programs, but ‘Wake up America’ is me, ‘Wake up America’ is my people, It is a super fun program, with a spectacular energy, that allows you to reach so much, so much to people’s hearts, to the point that I still meet people and they tell me: “Oh, I saw you in ´Despierta América´” … And I “When?”, And it is that they carry it in their mind.

– How did the proposal arrive and what did you feel?

Jackie Guerrido: I worked in ´Despierta América´ for 7 years, and when I left, I asked for a transfer to Los Angeles, but I felt that I still needed to complete something in ´Despierta América´, it is a program that gave me many lessons. When I return to Miami, they tell me: “Look, we are doing a casting, we would like you to be part of this“… The first thing I asked was:” Who are the presenters going to do? ” When they told me it was María Antonieta Collins, Raúl González, I said: “Yes, I accept.”.

I accept because they are two human beings that I admire a lot, I know the quality of human beings that they are, so I submitted and I told the boss: “But I am from ´Despierta América´”, and that’s what I did, I tried to be me, to be very genuine, it is a program that I identify a lot with everything we do there, so I am super happy, it is a new stage, I feel as if it were the first day… In that casting I was shaking.

-Will you give the time again?

Jackie Guerrido: I left them by surprise, I say that time chases me everywhereSo blessed God, an opportunity that I have been given for many years at Univision, and not just Univision, the viewer has given me the opportunity to enter their homes every day, and time has allowed me this connection with the public. Something good I’ve been doing that time has haunted me all these years.

Jackie Guerrido, María Antonieta Collins and Raúl González are the presenters of 'Despierta América en Domingo'

– The Jackie from the little house from 2000 to today is different, it has evolved, what do you feel is your contribution today as opposed to that one?

Jackie Guerrido: I started in the times of ´Despierta América´ where it was more relaxed, as we say, part of who we Latinos are. I started very young, it was my first national program, today a Jackie Guerrido returns with many more lived experiences, much more professional maturity, and that I want to share all those lived experiences, all that learning with my audience. I always say, and especially to women, that we are a mirror, Today they are in a place that I was, and I am in a place where they want to be, so vice versa we help each other and we can understand each other … Over the years I have always wondered: if we have talent, if we are here for some reason, but I have always wondered, What is my purpose? And I already think I have it very well defined, is to tell my experiences and if that can help and change someone, I think we are on the right track.

-You have had to go through positive COVID-19, face something you have talked about for almost 2 years, how did you experience it?

Jackie Guerrido: It is very strong, I believe that Today I have the responsibility to go hand in hand with those people, who for some reason have not been vaccinated, to go hand in hand with themDon’t be afraid, we here at Univision have many programs, we have Doctor Juan, because any questions you have, we are always there to help us, I am hand in hand with all of them … Here at the radio station I have lost colleagues, I have lost close friends, and I think it is time for all of us to help each other., and have empathy with one and the other, and bring out the best in human beings.

– How do you feel today?

Jackie Guerrido: Well today I feel very good, thank God, feel blessed, I feel that I am starting, starting a new stage of my life, I feel now with this new project as if it is my first time. Every time I enter Univision I see it as a blessing. I’m not one of the people who sees this as “oh, it’s fame”, or anything like that. This is my job, and I come from time to time to collect and pay our bills like all of us, and at the same time fulfill these dreams that one has inside. For me it is a privilege, that when they see me on the street, they recognize me, ask me for a photo, people who do not share with you every day, for me that is a privilege, a blessing, and I always thank them.

– What do you say to those families who will now receive you on Sunday?

Jackie Guerrido: They better get up early It depends on me that they have good weather conditions, so we are going to do that exchange, I know that many people also get up to work early on Sundays, and those who do not, will be as we say in Puerto Rico: with their blanket, with their sheet from head to toe, enjoying with Us and It’s like an extension of this family of the week, now on Sundays. We Latinos get up on Sundays, we want to be at home with the children resting, and it’s like, you know that Univision programming on Sundays is missed, and I’m telling you for my mother, when you arrive on Sunday the content of the week is missed, I get carried away by the things he says, because my mom is the lady in the house. I also watched Univision for many years, I know exactly what it feels like to be a housewife, and that on Saturday and Sunday there are no longer the people you share on a daily screen.



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