Jacky Bracamontes breaks the silence about his controversy with Elizabeth Gutiérrez, former William Levy

After turning a deaf ear to the declarations of Elizabeth Gutierrez about the extramarital relationship that William Levy carried out with Jacky Bracamontes, the TV presenter finally spoke about it and his answer gave much to talk about. Here we tell you the details!

It was on February 3 when the bomb between the actress and the driver exploded, because Gutiérrez attended a program where he spoke openly about the romance between the Cuban and the Mexican while recording the telenovela “Sortilegio”.

In said interview, Gutiérrez attacked Bracamontes and responded to the statements made by the Mexican in her book, in which hinted that she tried to “tie up” her husband with a son so that he would not leave her.

“I have no need to tie down any man. I only have two children, and if you’re wondering about that person, I don’t know how many, but definitely more than two. So ask her who needs to tie up who, ”he assured.

Now, just a few weeks after those attacks, Jacky Bracamontes decided to put an end to the speculations giving your position on the situation.

During a meeting with the press at an event held in Mexico City on February 24, host of ” Así se Baila “ He assured that with his book “The catwalk of my life” he did not seek to offend anyone.

Everything I said is in the book, and I am clarifying it for those who have doubtsread it and remember what I said, because then they put words in my mouth that I did not say”, he indicated with a smile on his face.

Without much encouragement to add fuel to the fire, the Guadalajarans stated that “If there is someone who wants or wants me to speak ill of a woman, I would never do it.I have never done it, speak ill of anyone, and less of a mother.

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