Jacky Bracamontes models burgundy latex dress, fashion for women of 40

Jacky Bracamontesone of the Mexican actresses who has ventured into her career as a presenter, shows off her excellent figure by doing a modeling session wearing a burgundy latex dress that was designed for women 40 years of age and older.

This session was captured by an important photographer, uriel santana, and was shared by the Mexican on her official Instagram account. The publication already has a total of 7,508 likes and a large number of messages of admiration.

In the photo you can see her sitting on a bench, wearing the beautiful dress together with some brilliant earrings, which despite their size do not overshadow the beauty of the actress. Another important detail is that they chose to discard her shoes and despite being barefoot, the sophistication of the former Mexican beauty pageant contestant is not lost.

Jacky Bracamontes modeling the burgundy latex dress. Source: Instagram. Jacky Bracamontes models dress. Instagram source. Jacky Bracamontes’ family, source: Instagram.

Jacky Bracamontes has modeled various fashion outfits

Jacky Bracamontes models dress. Instagram source. Jacky Bracamontes’ family, source: Instagram.

This burgundy latex dress has not been the only garment that has been modeled Jacky Bracamonteson her own Instagram account, she has shared photos in which she models different clothes, both casual and avant-garde.

It is not surprising that she is one of the Mexican actresses who has positioned herself on social networks. She currently has 7.8M followers who admire and support the actress in each of her posts. She doesn’t miss the opportunity to show her moments with her family either. She has even shared family events such as the first communion of one of her daughters. She knows more about AmericanPost.News.

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How many sets of twins does Jacky Bracamontes have?

Jacky Bracamontes’ family, source: Instagram.

In addition to her extensive modeling and artistic career, the talented Jacky Bracamontes is a great mother. She is currently married to Martín Fuentes with whom she has six sons, two daughters and two sets of twins. But in her first twin pregnancy, an unfortunate event occurred, because one of them, her only son, died at birth.

However, despite the sadness, she tried to continue for her other daughter who did survive. She later had two other daughters in single pregnancies and ended her family with the birth of a second set of twins.

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