Jacky Bracamontes to replace Adamari López as a host in Hoy Día

Following the announcement of the dismissal of beloved host Adamari López from the morning show "Hoy Día", it is revealed that her replacement would be a former member of Televisa.

After 10 years of being part of Telemundo’s “Hoy Día” host, Adamari López announced her departure. This situation shocked viewers, and as expected, the names of her possible replacement have already begun to emerge. One of them is that of the beautiful Jacky Bracamontes.

In American Post News, we informed you that last Friday, April 7, Adamari López said goodbye to the morning show “Hoy Día,” thanking her for the 10 years of work and assuring everyone that this was a mutual decision.

Despite this, it is speculated that in reality, the hostess was fired without prior notice because they already had in mind the arrival of a new hostess, which could be Jacky Bracamontes, who, in addition to having a remarkable career, is very loved by viewers.

Will Jacky Bracamontes be Adamari López’s replacement?

Jacky Bracamontes y Adamari López
Jacky Bracamontes could be Adamari López’s replacement at Telemundo

Through the YouTube channel el Chacaleo, it was revealed that Jacky Bracamontes has long wanted to join the program “Hoy Día” because it would allow her to continue to be very attentive to her daughters.

With the departure of Adamari López from the morning show, host Jacky Bracamontes, one of the most beloved hosts of Netas Divinas, has already raised her hand to be considered a possible replacement.

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It should be noted that Jacky Bracamontes has always had a very close relationship with Telemundo, so she could be a perfect candidate. However, it should be noted that, so far, the host has not given any signs of a return to television, so everything remains speculation.

What happened to Jacqueline Bracamontes?

Jacky Bracamontes
Jacky Bracamontes retired from show business to devote herself to her five daughters.

Currently, actress and host Jacky Bracamontes is away from television, dedicated to her role as a mother and wife.

Remember that Jacky Bracamontes has five daughters, Jacky, Carolina, Renata, Emilia, and Paula, with businessman Martín Fuentes, whom she constantly shows off on her social networks.

Despite her retirement from the screen, the former actress and Televisa host, Jacky Bracamontes, is still active, as she constantly uploads videos to her YouTube channel.