Jacqie Rivera talks about her new position as executor after removing Rosie Rivera

Jacqie rivera is the new executor of the fortune of Jenni Rivera and he will be the one who handles all the finances of the companies that have been created with his legacy. This happens after Johnny lopez and his brothers asked their aunt to account Rosie rivera.

With the end of trust between the uncles and nephews, Jacqie has been appointed as the person who will take care of everything.

“My mom left a lot of detail on how she wanted things. What is happening now is because, finally, I felt determined and ready, “she said recently during a meeting with the media that” Suelta La Sopa “captured.

As she takes her new position, Jacqie says she is preparing for the great responsibility that lies ahead.

I am starting training, I am learning a lot. It is a lot of work, it is a lot of what my uncles had to take care of and I appreciate all the work they did“Revealed the singer. “I am in different boards, learning all the contracts they have, I am very focused; It is my passion, but I am also understanding a little to handle myself in everything ”.

Finally, the singer did not want to comment on family problems since she prefers to settle differences in private.

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