Jahir Ocampo could leave Exatlón México

Exatlon Mexico will lose one of his most beloved members, as it has been announced that Jahir ocampo will leave the competition for non-sporting reasons.

In AmericanPost.News We tell you that this would be the second time that the Olympian will leave the reality show because of an injury, as we remember that in the second season he experienced the same situation.

The information has circulated through various spoiler pages that confirmed the return to Mexico of the athlete Jahir Ocampo, who will have to leave his performance in Exatlón México unfinished once again.

Next eliminated

Jahir Ocampo leaves the competition due to a shoulder injury Before the next departure of Jahir Ocampo a reinforcement is expected

Despite the fact that the name of the eliminated on Sunday, December 12 had been leaked, everything indicates that Jahir Ocampo will accompany him.

There is talk that he would have left for various commitments, but the Queen K1 spoiler account on Facebook, which has been the most accurate throughout this program, would have revealed the truth.

The reality is that Jahir’s shoulder is extremely affected, and he will have to undergo a long rehabilitation to recover, so he would already be back in Mexico.

Guardians Reinforcement

Before the next departure of Jahir Ocampo a reinforcement is expected

So far no reinforcement has been confirmed for the guard team, however it is common that when a participant leaves the program due to injury, they are immediately replaced by another athlete.

The fans of the red team have suggested several names, one of which stands out is Heliud Pulido who was already an important part of this program in previous editions and has been called to the duels of legends.

Fans of Exatlon Mexico have reacted excitedly to the possible arrival of Heliud Pulido before the departure of Jahir ocampoHowever, the information has not yet been confirmed.

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