Jailyne Ojeda with denim cheeky shorts and quebradita dance boots

Jailyne Ojeda The 24-year-old is a lover of music, especially the norteño banda, because despite being a US citizen, she has Mexican roots from her parents, that is why she went up on social networks dancing that genre with too flirtatious denim shorts. , as it is well known of the goddess physique that is loaded.

In the video you can see the American influencer with a very northern outfit, denim shorts, her beige blouse and brown boots with which she throws a tremendous dance, as she can be seen jumping all over the room of her home making it clear that he gives everything.

“No wonder my dad says I’m a good pirate and that I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t smoke eh hahaha now imagine if I did,” says Jailyne Ojeda in her video which has thousands of views and you can also against it on Tik Tok , where he has an empire of followers.

“It’s better to be crazy, hahaha, you know your skills and sadness goes down”, “hahaha this has been the best video I’ve seen of yours”, “It’s still like that; may joy be shown in your beautiful face and in your life Take good care of yourself! Blessings”, “Please so much money and you can’t go to Dance Classes”, write social networks for the young woman’s video.

Another thing that the influencer has reflected on her social networks is that she is very close to her family, that is, she shares many videos with her parents and siblings who participate in her follies, and they are always having fun.

fashion expert

The also tiktoker takes advantage of her curves, because she loves to wear the best looks that range from dresses to the knees to completely long gala dresses, these are her favorites, because she looks like a true goddess, also as her hair is very long loves to get majestic hairstyles worthy of a goddess.

As for the shoes, Jailyne Ojeda loves that they are extravagant like her, as well as the makeup that transforms her.

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