Jaime Maussan spoke of Mafe Walker the alleged “interdimensional medium”

After Mafe Walker made her appearance in Venga la alegría where she talked about being an “interdimensional medium”, the native of Colombia went viral on social networks, so many gave their opinion about her, it was so Jaime Maussan spoke of Mafe Walker.

As mentioned in AmericanPost.NewsJaime Maussan is considered one of the most important experts and disseminators of the extraterrestrial phenomenon in the country.

It was so that in addition to talking about the UFO sightings in Tijuana and the communication that they supposedly seek to establish with the human race, the ufologist addressed some forceful words to Walker.

Jaime Maussan spoke of Mafe Walker

When Jaime Maussan spoke about Mafe Walker, he asked not to be carried away by people who question the seriousness of the issue. “We are experiencing something spectacular,” said the Mexican ufologist.

When Jaime Maussan was questioned about Mafe Walker, the ufologist replied: “I was going to say something rude, but no, it’s not necessary, like this lady who says she speaks alien. Please don’t (let’s talk about her).”

He added: “It has no foundation, how can we take it seriously? He says he receives the… I mean, I’m a journalist and believe me I’m more skeptical than you think. I need proof, I need evidence, I don’t have any with this person.”

Maussan also pointed out: “I respect her, she is very respectable, but so far it is not serious because she cannot show it,” she commented later.

Likewise, he gave forceful advice, asking the public not to get carried away by people like Mafe, who question the seriousness of the issue and pointed out that there are possibilities of establishing communication with extraterrestrials.

This is a serious phenomenon, we will find the means of communication; For now, we know that we can do it through the binary code of computers and surely we will find a way to establish an exchange with them”, said Maussan.

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Jaime Maussan talks about UFOs

“We are experiencing something spectacular,” said the Mexican ufologist.

As for the UFOs that have gone viral on social networks, the journalist emphasized that something “spectacular” is happening.

They speak to us of an intelligent presence, of a phenomenon that already intends to initiate communication with humans. We are very close to getting the authorities to consider that this phenomenon is not from the earth and at that moment, they will be forced to start a communication process”, said Maussan excited about the UFO sighting.

“So, you have to be very excited, you have to enjoy this moment, we are the generation that is experiencing the greatest change in history of all time,” he exhorted, but not before Jaime Maussan spoke of Mafe Walker.

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