James Rodriguez’s daughter Salomé showcases her dancing talent to Karol G’s S91 and gets the spotlight on Instagram

The budding talent of 10-year-old Salomé Rodríguez, as she twirls into the hearts of Instagram followers and fuels a playful debate.

In the vibrant world of social media, 10-year-old Salomé Rodríguez, daughter of James Rodriguez, is making her mark. She’s been steadily cultivating a space for herself, frequently showcasing her dance talent.

Salomé Rodríguez’s skills cover a wide spectrum. As per her Instagram profile, she doesn’t limit herself to urban beats but also steps up to salsa and classical dance forms like ballet.

The young dancer has recently caught the eye of Suleidi Lopez, a seasoned choreographer who’s shared the stage with big names like Karol G, Zion y Lennox, Chyno, and Nacho. An Instagram post featuring Salomé performing Suleidi’s choreography to S91, a new release by Carolina Giraldo, stands as a testament to this.

The video showcases Salomé’s ability to mimic and execute intricate dance moves with professional finesse. The fact that these movements were originally designed by a professional choreographer like Suleidi Lopez adds a greater depth of appreciation to Salomé’s performance.

Instagram was abuzz with admiration for the video. Users applauded Salomé’s agility and discipline, as she kept pace with Suleidi Lopez’s complex choreography without missing a beat. The comments section was flooded with praise, with remarks like “Attitude, strength, charisma, joy, discipline…I can go on forever!!!! Grande Salito ❤️”, and “Salo is the most 🔝 there is. Discipline is in her genes.”

The proud mother, Daniela Ospina, shared the video on her account and expressed her gratitude to Suleidi Lopez for being a part of Salomé’s journey. She wrote, “Thanks to you for being part of this beautiful process 🥰”.

Salomé is the protagonist of an “important” debate among internet users

Salomé also finds herself at the heart of a lively online discussion, adding another layer to her emerging fame.

Daniela Ospina, who spends considerable time with Salomé, often shares the affectionate bond she shares with her daughter through her posts. Salomé is the product of Daniela’s relationship with the former football player of teams like Real Madrid, Olympiacos, Porto, and Monaco.

Daniela Ospina opened debate by highlighting the beauty of her daughter Salomé / Image @daniela_ospina5
Daniela Ospina opened the debate highlighted the beauty of her daughter Salomé / Image @daniela_ospina5

In one of her posts dedicated to Salomé, Daniela wrote, “I wish for you a new month to continue shining, a new month full of opportunities, full of health and love”. She sparked a light-hearted debate by asking, “Is she a mini me?” to which James Rodriguez humorously responded, “No, mini me!”.

The comment section quickly turned into a friendly battleground with followers taking sides. While some agreed with Daniela, others opined that Salomé bore a striking resemblance to her father. Comments like “Yessssssss is a mini Daniiiiiiiiiiiiiii 😍😍❤️❤️❤️ disciplined, constant, determined and with a great love for what she does just like her Mamiiiiiiiiiii” and “She has a lot of you, hopefully inside she is an exact copy or an improved version of you, but physically she looks just like her daddy 😘” marked the spirited debate.