Jamie Foxx returned to spider-man for this reason

Spider-Man: No Way Home is right around the corner, and while fans have already bought all the tickets for the first few days due to the craving, the one who is also excited to return is Jamie Foxx.

Fans of Spidey They are eager to see the return of some of the franchise’s favorite stars.

The latest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie of 2021 will see Alfred Molina playing the role of Doc Ock from Spider-Man 2.

Jamie Foxx returns as Electro

Jamie Foxx returns as Electro from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin from Spider-Man from 2002. The three men did a panel this week at CCXP and spoke about their long-awaited returns. During the chat, Foxx revealed what prompted him to return to the role.

“I was excited to meet producer Amy who told me that in regards to my character, so you will be a little more fashionable and for me to have the opportunity to hang out with these amazing actors,” he said.

That is to say, the famous person will be more updated in his character, and he will no longer be the blue monster that we saw in the past, but on the contrary, what has been seen in the trailers is that the famous will have a more humanized image.

Spider-man No Way Home Premiere Details

The actor appreciated not being blue

Spider-Man: No Way Home launches on December 17, and as we previously informed you, fans scrambled for tickets to see the film in the first days of its release.

And they hope that the multiverse will be confirmed, with the presence of Tobey Mcguire and Andrew Gardield, although their participation is not confirmed, at least we know that the villains of both films will be in this film.

we will have to wait for the premiere on the big screen to know if the multiverse is confirmed, or if the fans will be disappointed.

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