Jamie Lee Curtis called Ana de Armas ‘unsophisticated’ at first glance

Ana de Armas and Jamie Lee Curtis shared credits in the movie ‘Knives Out’.

Photo: Amy Sussman/Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Jamie Lee Curtis came to consider “inexperienced” and “unsophisticated” Anne of Arms before sharing a cast with her in the thriller “Knives Out” (2019), Elle magazine revealed on Wednesday.

I did not know her, I assumed that she had just arrived and that she came from Cuba. I assumed she was a young, inexperienced, unsophisticated girl.“, recognized the Californian actress for the aforementioned magazine.

Based on this information, Curtis felt embarrassed for having thought like that after seeing her perform and being impressed. before the interpretative skills of De Armas.

Oh, what are your dreams?“, The winner of two Golden Globes asked him.

In fact, he tried to introduce her to the director steven spielberg to play the role of María in the latest adaptation of the musical “West Side Story” (2021), which ended up starring Rachel Zegler.

Likewise, he tried to do the same with his godchildren, Maggie Y Jake Gyllenhaalbut, due to her time in Hollywood, the Hispanic-Cuban interpreter already knew Jake.

After their first contact working together, Curtis praised de Armas’ personality and character off-camera.

She is close and curious. Talking to her is kind of a give and take because she asks you a lot of questions.“, he explained, setting an example that the young actress did not miss the opportunity to ask him about his father’s experience, Tony Curtiswho acted with Marilyn Monroe.

De Armas will play Monroe in the drama “Blonde“, which opens on September 23.

She showed me a picture of her as MarilynCurtis added.

Before the release of “Blonde” takes place, Ana de Armas will return to the big screen with the action movie “The Gray Man” that the Netflix platform plans to release on July 22.

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