Janet Jackson’s stylist says Justin Timberlake knew the singer’s “wardrobe failure” in 2004 was ready

Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake during the halftime show at the 2004 Super Bowl.

Photo: Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

After the media attention he received “Framing Britney”, a new documentary from New York Times titled “Malfunction: The dressing down of Janet” has repositioned Justin timberlake in a very awkward position remembering the role she played in the media trial of another female star more than a decade ago.

This time it’s not about his old teenage girlfriend Britney Spears – to whom he apologized months ago for not having “done the right thing” while being subjected to unprecedented harassment to benefit, instead, from a “misogynistic system” – but from his former duet partner Janet jackson and the controversial moment they starred together in the intermission of the 2004 Super Bowl.

That performance ended with Justin ripping off part of Janet’s leather top to reveal her chest, adorned with a striking piercing star shaped. The sister of Michael jackson He then faced a controversy that cost him employment contracts and an invitation to the Grammy, although ironically Justin was able to continue with his career without major complications after publicly apologizing, assuring that it had been an accident. He was even invited to sing again at the sporting event in 2018.

Now, the stylist who took care of dressing Janet that day has broken his silence to confirm that it was not an unforeseen event and that the former member of the group NSYNC he knew exactly what he was doing, no matter how he later claimed that what had happened had taken him completely by surprise.

“It was a commissioned job. They hired me to do a job, and I did exactly what they asked me to do, “he said. Wayne scot lukas in statements to the portal Access hollywood. “If I work with someone who is a dancer, he has to be able to dance with his wardrobe, and he cannot drop it under any circumstances. My job is to use snaps and pins and velcro so everything stays in place even if you forget to snap something into a quick wardrobe change. I keep one hundred percent my story that I did exactly what I had to do, what I was hired to do ”.

Lukas insists that a professional like him, with a fee of around $ 10,000 a day, could never make such a mistake and not be automatically fired. In his case, he continued working with Janet for another six years and has only good words for her. This is not the case with Justin, who he has yet to forgive for his betrayal to save himself from the widespread outrage caused by Janet’s bare chest.. “We haven’t spoken since he blamed me. He came down from the stage and said, ‘It’s just a little wardrobe glitch. We all want to give something to talk about. ‘ And when he said that, I thought, ‘It’s over, goodbye to our friendship.’ A fail? I don’t make mistakes, ”Wayne said.

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