January, month with the highest domestic animal abandonment in Mérida

According to the still Municipal Animal Control Center (Cemca), both December and January They are not good months, since it is in this period when the number grows domestic animals What are they abandoned in this place, located in the northern peripheral of Merida.

Roberto Echeverría Ramos, coordinator of Cemca’s morning shift, indicated that so far, this place has 41 animals, of which 31 are adults, seven are puppies and four are dogs that were born in Cemca and 10 are up for adoption.

Mérida authorities ask the population to adopt animals from Cemca. The abandonment of domestic animals is very frequent in December and January of each year in Merida.

He explained that in December the requests for adoptions decreased, but the number of requests from property owners increased. domestic animals to deliver them to Cemca, for which the Municipal Center provides them with food and shelter, as well as medical care.

Noted that the animals that are in this space deserve to be adopted and have a second chance at life, In addition, the dogs that come out of the streets are completely different from those that come out of breed kennels.

They ask to adopt animals from Cemca Mérida

The abandonment of domestic animals is very frequent in December and January of each year in Merida.

In this sense, the municipal official indicated that for those who wish to adopt, they can do it in person or virtually, through the application “Waiting for You”, but if you want to do it in person, you must go with the following requirements:

Official identification, proof of residence and having previously sent by email, images of the space intended for the pet and answering a survey.

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The Mérida official indicated that when the dogs are handed over to their new families, they are given a rapid test for Canine Distemper, a very common disease, especially where there are many dogs, such as Cemca.

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