Japan will reopen its tourism in a controlled manner and only for 4 countries

Japan will reopen the bordersbut will only allow 50 tourists (total). In a move that can only be described as strange, Japan will start welcoming tour groups again this month, but capping the number at 50 (that’s a total, not per day or per group).

All travelers must be vaccinated and boosted and each tour group will be limited to four travelers. The tourists they will come from: Australia, Singapore, Thailand and the United States, these are considered “priority markets” by Japan.

Japan will have new restrictions

Japan to reopen its borders to small groups of tourists Japan will accept the entry of tourists from various countries in May and June.

In a statement, the tourism agency said the limited visits will be used to test coronavirus measures, including infection prevention and emergency response.

The information will be sent to travel agencies, hotels and other travel companies. Visitors must be accompanied by a tour guide and can only go to areas where there is no state of emergency and government officials have agreed to welcome them.

The emergence of the omicron variant late last year, and the resulting border crackdown in Japan, delayed plans to conduct a touring test sooner, according to the statement.

Japan had allowed some visitors, including foreign business travelers, students and workers, to enter the country in November, but tightened restrictions again later that month. Some visitors were allowed in March, although tourists were still prohibited.

Japan will accept the entry of tourists from various countries in May and June.

The country’s border controls have remained tight even as many other Asian countries relaxed theirs and began welcoming visitors, including Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and South Korea.

According to a tourism agency estimate, just over 100,000 people visited Japan between January and March compared to more than 8 million people during the same period in 2019.

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