Jaqueline Bracamontes reminds Jomari Goyso why they call him “bitter” and “mam * n”

Jomari Goyso and Jacqueline Bracamontes are close friends. Nothing they say to each other they take offense at, on the contrary, they laugh and have fun every time either one or the other launches the first verbal attack.

The famous fashion critic explained that his friend considers him “unbearable”, but even so, she always calls him to help her with special events. “Jacky Bracamontes keeps saying that I’m unbearable, but she keeps calling me, always, to help her with her looks. Here I am doing her loose waves to have a great hair“, said the Spaniard.

The video went to both Instagram and Facebook. And there you can hear how she asks him if he would rather be somewhere else than helping her. Jacky wanted him to work on her hair, because for the event she wanted to wear a “great hair”.

Regarding being in another place, Jomari told him that yes, he would prefer to be “shitting”, because doing that, in fact, is what cleanses. After this response, the protagonist of “Sortilegio” reminded him that for this type of response, some call him: “bitter” and “mam*n”. Jomari told him that from that conversation, it did hurt him and it went straight to his heart that they called him “mam * n”.

Many on his Instagram are laughing at Jomari’s response, Javier Larrañaga the first. And it is that that of “cag * r” has seemed to many highly laughable. Of course, we remind them that at the end of the day they are close friends, that’s why they talk like that, with such freedom. Jomari Goyso has always said that celebrities like Jacqueline Bracamontes, Francisca Lachapel, Ana Bárbara and Luz are like her little sisters, hence the confidence.

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