Jason Momoa and his special appearance on The Simpsons as Aquaman, what does he look like?

Jason Momoa He is one of the gallants of Hollywood that today is single and coveted, and if you are a fan of this and his character as Aquamanyou have to watch the episode The Simpson where he makes a special appearance, this is the video!

On AmericanPost.News We remind you that this celebrity announced the divorce with Lisa Bonet since the beginning of this 2022 through his social networks.

Previously we told you that it flashed glamor at the 2022 Oscar Awards; however, now we will tell you everything you need to know about the episode of this famous animated series in which it was seen.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman on The Simpsons?

This fascinating actor already had his first participation in the epic American series, his appearance occurred in season 31, in the third episode and he appears during the campaign that seeks to re-elect Diamante, now with the slogan “Eat, drink and vote Diamante” .

Suddenly, among the public, the presence of Homer’s sisters-in-law, Selma and Paty, is shown and one of them even shows the place where he wants the famous person to put an autograph, but he points out in his speech:

“Aquaman is not here for the signing of… That is a separate event at the Marriott, Conference Room C.”

It is worth mentioning that the famous one is drawn exposing one of his most emblematic tattoos such as the character of Aquaman on one of his arms, in addition, he can be seen wearing jeans and a very tight black shirt that reveals his sculpted torso, and of course with the long hair and the iconic mark of his eyebrow.

When does Aquaman 2 release?

Aquaman 2. Photo: seriestation.com

The premiere is dated March 17, 2023 in the United States, news that has shocked all his fans.

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