Jason Momoa decided to relax his muscles by entering a freezer

The Hawaiian’s new project consists of characterizing a warrior.

Photo: Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Jason Momoa is in the middle of filming his latest series, “Chief of War”, which he produces and stars as a legendary warrior from the Maui army who must leave retirement to take up his weapons as the only possible savior of the islands.

In sense, one of the challenges of the character he plays is to show off a physique that looks athletic, which implies arduous work sessions in the gym.

So once his hours of exercise are over, the Hawaiian actor’s muscles must be relaxed in order to avoid injury. to leave him out of filming on sets.

For this reason, Momoa resorted to an unusual practice that allowed him to relaxbut at the same time improve the resistance of your body to be semi-naked outdoors in periods of the day when the temperature tends to drop.

Thus the things, to the actor of 43 years She came up with the idea of ​​immersing herself in just a bathing suit in a medium-sized freezer meant to preserve food, but this time it was filled with water and hundreds of ice cubes.

After a photograph captured the strange occurrence of Momoa who rose to fame for characterizing Aquaman and was spread on social networks, his fans were quick to praise his action.

Jason recently Momoa had already caused a stir through a video where he took on the task of dressing up as a flight attendant on a plane to hand out bottles of water to passengers on a flight to Hawaii.

The real objective of this practice was to promote its new brand of drinking water “Mananalu”, which is characterized by not using plastics in its packaging and instead chooses to use aluminum bottles that can be recycled.

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