Jason Momoa Who is the actress who shamelessly “threw her pants”?

As you know Jason Momoa Y Lisa Bonnet They have divorced, and now they are both single, and although not much time has passed, the first woman interested in the Hollywood heartthrob has already been seen, she knows the details!

In AmericanPost.News we reveal to you that Jason spent 17 years as Lisa’s husband, and although they seemed like the perfect couple, their love ran out, and now they each fly free.

Previously we told you that the actor wants to vindicate himself with his worst role in the cinema; However, now we will tell you who has already “taken a look at him” when they find out that he is “single”.

Jason Momoa: this is the woman who wants to have him

Jason. Photo: Instagram chloessevigny Chloë. Photo: sensacine.com

This is the actress Chloë Sevigny, who through her official Instagram account not only published a photo in honor of Jason, she also turned to her by placing many compliments on the now Hollywood single.

In the image he shared, Jason can be seen with his hair up, without a shirt and only wearing shorts, tennis shoes and a skateboard that curiously has a photo of the actress at the bottom from when he was a teenager.

In another of the photos you can see how the actor walks with the same outfit looking at the camera and making an obscene signal with his middle finger.

What does Chloë Sevigny think about Jason?

Chloe. Photo: sensacine.com

She made everything very clear in her publication, she assured that sometimes she adores actors who especially ride a skateboard decorated with one of her photos from when she was a teenager, who sleep with the mother of dragons, referring to her Khal Drogo character. in Game of Thrones, and also noted that also when they protect Timothée, referring to his character as a master of arms in the film Dune, and added that also to those who:

“…they date older women, they’re metal lovers, and they seem like generally nice guys.”

It should be remembered that the older women refer to his ex-wife Lisa, who is the mother of his two children and with whom he has been with for 12 years, like this or is the hint clearer? Well, it is important to note that Sevigny is 47 years old old, only 4 years older than Jason.

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