Javier Aguirre, a millionaire in crisis: knows the salary of “Vasco” in Rayados de Monterrey

Javier Aguirre He is one of the most renowned and experienced coaches in Mexican soccer. His arrival at Monterey Striped it was a hope of titles for the Aztec institution. However, sporting successes have not fully arrived and much less if the exorbitant salary of the experienced strategist is placed on a scale.

The last failure in the Club World Cup generated many whispers in relation to the work of “Vasco”. the mexican strategist Al-Ahly lost to him and was left out of the international tournament. In this sense, Monterrey buried the aspirations of the Mexican team and left a very bad image of Concacaf football.

Under these circumstances, one of the biggest criticisms of Javier Aguirre has been the cost/results ratio of the institution. From December 2020 to date, the “Vasco” has only been able to conquer the Concacaf Champions Leaguedespite the club’s large investments.

How much does Javier Aguirre earn with Rayados de Monterrey?

Experience is expensive. The “Vasco” is the most expensive coach in Liga MX. Javier Aguirre signed a contract for two years from December. According to the Goal portal, the experienced coach perceives $3.9 million dollars annually. In this sense, if the two-year contract expires, the “Vasco” would receive $11.7 million dollarsa salary apparently disproportionate to the results obtained in the cycle.

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