Javier Aguirre is presented at Mallorca: “9 games await us in an open grave”

The Mexican coach Javier Aguirre has affirmed this Thursday in his presentation as the new coach of Mallorca to replace Luis García Plaza, fired this Tuesday, that “nine open grave finals” await his team in the remaining matches for Laliga to end .

“I am very happy to be here and to return to the best league in the world. Everything in Mallorca has made a good impression on me, the stands, the atmosphere; from within you realize that there is material to work for the First Division”, said Aguirre, who appeared before the media accompanied by the Business CEO of the Balearic club, Alfonso Díaz, and the Director of Football, Pablo Ortells.

Mallorca is second to last in LaLiga with 26 points, 1 from safety, and is on a streak of six consecutive losses.

The Balearic club has nine games ahead of them to try to secure their permanence. The “Vasco”, as he is known in the world of football, signed a contract that expires on June 30, although it can be extended until next year if he manages to get the Mallorca keep the category.

“I need to know how the aninometer is because being in descent is a very uncomfortable situation” Aguirre said in reference to the squad that he will lead from now on.

“I have seen Mallorca from the outside. I don’t want to talk about what was done in the past out of respect for my colleague (García Plaza). We have to get this out in extra time because we are in a compromised zone. It is difficult to make a diagnosis (of the team) because many circumstances influence the final result. I want to see how the players are (this afternoon he was directing his first training session). I know that we have injured and two suspended (Antonio Raíllo and Jaume Costa); against Getafe we ​​have to play a competitive game”, he assured.

Aguirre will direct Mallorca with his assistants Toni Amor (his second) and Pol Lorente (physical trainer). He explained that he had taken “5 minutes” to accept the offer of the insular institution and played down the streak of six consecutive losses that the vermilions link. “Experience tells me that you can’t see everything black. There must be an emotional balance and I have navigated these waters before. To the players I will tell the truth and from the heart. We have a League of 27 points left and I have seen that there is room for improvement”, he pointed out.

The vermilion team will visit the Getafe field and then receive Atlético de Madrid at home. Subsequently, they will play in Son Moix against Alavés, Granada, Rayo Vallecano and as a visitor against Elche, Barcelona, ​​Seville and Osasuna.

Asked why he decided to return to Spain, he replied: “It makes me work, and if that coincides with the fact that I come to the Spanish league and that someone needs me, then hunger and the desire to eat come together. I feel proudly Mexican, but (Rayados de Monterrey) decided that I had completed a cycle. And I accepted it because I’m a professional. The Mexican league did not disappoint me at all; it is very strong, although I blame it for the lack of (international) diffusion it has and that is our Achilles heel”.

Regarding the calendar that Mallorca has ahead, Aguirre said that his team was going to go “date by date”. “Do the accounts of the milkmaid, as they say in Spain, in the end the frog comes out. Getafe first and then I’ll focus on what’s next”, he stated.

Mallorca is the eighth LaLiga club to dismiss its coach in the middle of the season after Levante, Getafe, Barcelona, ​​Elche, Alavés, Cádiz and Granada.

Aguirre, 63, a veteran of the benches and who has been in charge of the technical direction of Osasuna, Zaragoza, Atlético de Madrid, Espanyol and Leganés, in Spain; of the selections of Mexico (twice), Japan, Egypt; Atlante, Pachuca and Monterrey Mexicans, will have the mission of preventing the Majorcan team from falling to Second.

The new coach of Mallorca takes the reins of a team mired in a deep crisis of play and results that have taken García Plaza ahead, the coach who promoted Mallorca last season in his first year on the vermilion bench .

Due to the Laliga break, Aguirre will have this week and part of the next to prepare the visit of the Majorcan players to the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum to face Getafe on Saturday, April 2. for the end of the championship, 1 less than Cádiz, after six consecutive defeats: Betis, Valencia, Real Sociedad, Celta, Real Madrid, Espanyol.

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