Javier Bardem will show his facet as a singer, in the film “The little mermaid”

Although her already proven skills as a singer came to the fore with the premiere of “Being the Ricardos” -film that stars with Nicole Kidman-, the truth is that the first filming of Javier Bardem that forced him to project his imposing voice in all its splendor was the remake from “The Little Mermaid” (“The little Mermaid”): a film directed by Rob Marshall and in which the Spanish actor gives life to none other than King Triton, father of the protagonist.

Javier thus confirmed it when passing through the program of Jess Cage, in which he admitted that his decision to get involved in the project was very conditioned by the enthusiasm with which his two children, Luna and Leo -but especially the first- received the news that their famous father was assessing whether to accept or not the proposal of the acclaimed director.

When they called me with the offer, I was having breakfast with my children and I told them: ‘They are offering me a date “The Little Mermaid”. My daughter got very emotional and I had to tell her that I wasn’t going to play Ariel. And she replied: ‘Of course not, you’ll be Triton, right?’ And that was one of the reasons I took the job.“, assured the Spanish actor in his interview.

The wife of the Hollywood star, Penelope Cruz, recently praised him for having taken the important step of proving himself musically, something she already did during the filming of “nine” (2009) and also thanks to the support given by the aforementioned Rob Marshall, director of that film that gave the Madrilenian her third nomination for Oscar. “He is a great human being and I really admire him. I really wanted to work with him. It was really the first that gave me the opportunity to sing a song. He trusted me a lot,” Bardem said now about the American director, also responsible for the acclaimed film “Chicago” (2002).

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