Jawy Méndez Did you ask Manelik to return the ring after finishing?

The famous Manelyk of Acapulco Shore is one of the celebrities of television and social networks, who is currently still celebrating his birthday on the paradisiacal beaches of our country.

This while her ex-boyfriend and ex-fiancé Luis Alejandro Méndez, better known as Jawy Méndez again gives something to talk about on social networks for a comment that has created a lot of controversy and rumours.

It turns out that the also urban music singer Jawy Méndez, is in the middle of the controversy after he answered a tweet where he asks Mane to return everything he gave within the relationship, economically speaking.

Controversies after the thunder of Jawy and Manelik

Ring that Jawy gave to Mane Jawy asked Manelik for the ring

It seems that a twitter user questioned Méndez about the mattress that Mane would have left him in his apartment after they both decided to end their relationship, because he wanted to know if he had already bought a new one or if he was still sleeping on the one he used when he lived. with the former participant of La Casa de los Famosos.

It was precisely in said reality show when Mane revealed that she had left the mattress to her ex so as not to have excuses and keep in touch with him, on the other hand, in an interview the also businesswoman said she had kept the engagement ring, well no he returned it to his ex.

That is why now Jawy’s response to the user who questioned him about the mattress has caused controversy and it should be noted that although it was searched in the twitter responses, it was no longer found, so it could have been deleted, however, a dedicated page a Acapulco Shore shared the screenshot of said response.

Did Jawy ask Manelik for the ring?

Jawy asked Manelik for the ring

It has been highlighted that Jawy assures that said mattress returned, because for new people who come to sleep with him it is rude to sleep on something used, he also revealed that he now sleeps “much richer”

As if that were not enough, the urban music singer Jawy asks that he hopefully would return what he gave and followed by this he put some emojis with the money sign, for which many have interpreted that he also refers to the ring that he gave to his old fiancee.

It should be noted that before this the famous Manelik has not spoken about it, however, the fans of the former Acapulco Shore assure that he was the only one who used Mane, because he always wanted to hang on to the fame of the beautiful influencer.

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