Jawy was grateful that Manelyk returned the engagement ring: “A little wool that was going to be lost”

Jawy and Mane promised to marry each other at the end of the seventh season (Photos: [email protected]_oficial/@jawymendez_oficial)

Manelyk Gonzalez Y Luis Alejandro Mendez Jawy They met in the first season of Acapulco ShoreSince then their relationship has become closer and closer to the point of being promised marriage.

The last episode of the seventh season closed with a flourish because the influencer received a promise ring from JawyHowever, the breakup became official just half a year later, specifically in mid-2021.

In this way, said jewel became a controversial element because at first Mane joked that he had pawned the ringhowever, Jawy revealed that he already had it back in his hands and said he was grateful for receive the money that he gave up for lost.

Jawy explained to Vaya, Vaya that he was grateful to get his money back (Photo: YouTube/Vaya Vaya TV)
Jawy explained to Vaya, Vaya that he was grateful to get his money back (Photo: YouTube/Vaya Vaya TV)

Luis Alejandro Jawy said he was lucky to have the jewel back, since he considered that in addition to the emotional meaning it might have, the ring represented a great expense that he recovered after the breakup.

“Knowing her I thought she was not going to return it, I think something out there hit her in the pride and how good! because there I have a good little wool since she was going to be lost, a woman never knows how much a ring is worth in addition to the sentimental value, ”said the former shore for Wow, wow TV.

In September 2021, hand made a joke about the fate of her engagement ring that at that time he still possessed: “(It is) Saved. Committed, my love. No, no, no, saved,” he commented.

Mane and Jawy
The romantic couple only lasted within the program (Photo: Instagram/@jawymendez_oficial)

She shared that she actually I didn’t know what to do with the ring after the breakup with Jawy, so she asked her friends for help, who recommended that she keep it, because something like that shouldn’t be returned. It is currently known that made the determination to return it to his former partner.

The former member of Acapulco Shore explained that for him, “The gifts that are given within the relationship remain therebut as for the commitment, if you no longer want it, then you return it”.

On the other hand, Jawy admitted to Go go TV that he is already more stable in terms of his emotional situation, but that at first it cost him a lot of work to recover from the separation.

“I already found the balance, I returned to the peace in which I like to be, it was a difficult stage but thank God again I am happy in my projectspeople think that I only do TV and music because that is what I intend to show, people only find out what I want to show”, he mentioned for Wow, wow.

the house of the famous
The former shore constantly deletes tweets (Photo: Screenshot / The house of celebrities)

In the conversation with the YouTube channel, he also revealed that his constant publication and deletion of tweets is intentional because he has fun causing uncertainty about some details of his personal life.

At the time, the arrival of Celia Lora to The House of the Famous He caused Mane to tell him the reasons why he ended up with Jawy.

the house of the famous
Mane told Celia Lora the details of her breakup (Photo: Screenshot/The House of Celebrities)

“Their complaints were ‘well, I like to have the bed made when I get home’, oh! so then hang it. “Do you know what’s in the cupboard?” No, because I work all day, because I pay for them to come and do it, and I’m not interested in knowing what’s in the cupboard. Those were their demands”, she expressed to Celia.

But, although these conflicts already affected the relationship, the breaking point was an infidelity on the part of Jawy and the cover-up of the other members of Acapulco Shore.

As for Jawy, he explained to wow wow that his version of the events would never be made known because “he has nothing to prove” and he is not interested in creating a positive image of himself for someone other than his acquaintances: They will never hear me speak ill of her because for me it was very special, so much so that I wouldn’t have wanted it to end.”


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