Jazmín Pinedo and Brunella Horna recalled how bad they were as realities competitors

The television conductors Jasmine Pinedo and Brunella Horna recalled that they were not good competitors during their stage as reality girls.

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This was pointed out in the space ‘More shows’ that replaces the program ‘America hoy’, which is in the process of being renewed by 2022.

Brunella and I are not the best reference“Said Jazmín Pinero. To which Brunella immediately recognized: “I think I was the worst competitor in the world, but not that I’m a bad athlete, I’m scared, they made me jump and I couldn’t, I wasn’t lying. I was very afraid of heights”.

There are people who are afraid for personal reasons and have a tendency to fear heights. I am not afraid, but I am lazy, for example, I run two blocks and say: ‘ambulance, bring me oxygen’ that was my problem. Then after i got better”Added Jazmín Pinedo.

As it is remembered, Jazmín Pinedo entered ‘Esto es guerra’ in 2013 where her romance with Gino Assereto was born. While Brunella Horna started in the program ‘Welcome the afternoon’ and then went on to ‘This is war’. Both figures withdrew from the reality show to pursue other projects.


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