Jazmín Pinedo and her confession about being single: “I have health and work, I don’t need anything else”

The driver Jasmine Pinedo She reappeared on TV last Monday, replacing Valeria Piazza in the conduction of “América Espectáculos”. The ‘Chinita’ was accompanied by Brunella Horna, with whom she talked about how the celebrities spent the New Year’s festivities.

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The former host of “This is War” addressed the story of Jefferson Farfán and highlighted how focused he is on his work as a soccer player now that he is single. In addition, he highlighted his work as an influencer in social networks.

“You can’t have everything in life, you can’t”, said the popular ‘Chinita’, who also clarified that she is focused on her professional work, so she is not thinking of falling in love for now.

“I have health and I have a job, I don’t need anything else. That’s it, but let’s applaud those who enjoy love ”, said Jasmine, whose last relationship was with her daughter’s father, Gino Assereto.

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Jasmine Pinedo replaces Valeria Piazza

Jazmín Pinedo surprised Monday morning by appearing as the host of “América Espectáculos”. The model was presented by Federico Salazar. “And now we have new winds in the shows. Jasmine Pinedo honors us with her visit “, He said.

Valeria Piazza has not come today due to canal protocol issues, she will explain them to you, and I’m obviously delighted to cover her place to collaborate for a little bit with the team ”, he counted without giving further details. Hours later, the model said that her partner had tested positive for COVID-19.


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