Jazmín Pinedo on the prohibition of entry of Pancho Rodríguez to Peru: “Everyone should be measured equally”

Jazmín Pinedo spoke this Thursday about the difficult situation that Pancho Rodríguez is experiencing, who was prevented from entering Peru due to bad behavior, referring to the party she attended in April 2021 where they celebrated Yahaira Plasencia’s birthday in the midst of a pandemic, at a time when social gatherings were prohibited.

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“This situation is really unfortunate and I would like to say something that seems super important to me… a lot of people believe that because you appear on television or belong to some medium or channel or specific program, you have certain preferences, but I think that is all On the contrary, I believe that everyone is not measured in the same way”, said the ‘little girl’ in her program + Shows.

The driver made reference to the crime news carried out by foreigners, who also sign a document of good behavior when entering Peru. “There is no good behavior, however for Pancho the measure has been super rigorous and structured and they have not allowed him to enter the country, I think it should be measured for everyone the same,” Jazmin Pinedo indicated.

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He also said that the rule should be for all Peruvians, not just for foreigners. “I watch the news every day and people don’t respect the curfew, the clubs open and there are gigantic concerts… at a good time, everyone wants to work and it is the ideal thing because the idea is that we get out of this pothole in an economic, political and health way, but you have to measure everyone equally, added the ‘Chinita’.

Finally, the driver stressed that Pancho Rodriguez he wanted to return to Peru to work, not to vacation, and that his lawyer has already made the corresponding appeal in Migrations.


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