Jeep is recognized as America’s most patriotic brand

The brand Jeep was recognized as the most patriotic brand in the United States, according to the survey “Brand Keys, The Most Patriotic Brands”.

Celebrating more than eight decades of freedom, adventure, passion and authenticity, Jeep has achieved this recognition for the twentieth consecutive year.

“The Jeep brand is a classic. His ability to literally possess the value of patriotism seems timeless. During the 20 years that Brand Keys has conducted the survey of the most patriotic brands, Jeep has been rated #1 by consumerssaid Robert Passikoff, Chairman and Founder of Brand Keys.

Courtesy Jeep

“That value, ‘patriotism’, is the emotional part of decision making that represents a large part of why consumers have emotionally committed to the brand. Consumers know there is a difference between wrapping yourself in the flag and being a brand that people believe that they have really earned that right. Jeep earned it, own it and we congratulate them again this year,” added Keys.

To determine the 2022 rankings, Brand Keys surveyed more than 5,800 consumers, ages 16-65. 1,172 brands across 131 categories were evaluated, using the Brand Keys measures of emotional engagement. The study assesses brand resonance for the unique value of patriotism, and the Jeep brand was identified as the best to represent this civic value.

“The Jeep brand is incredibly proud of its military heritage with origins dating back to 1941: the birth of an iconic 4×4 capable vehicle that the US Army specifically requestedsaid Jim Morrison, senior vice president and director of Jeep.

The Jeep brand has become synonymous with outdoor adventure and freedom around the world.And being recognized as America’s most patriotic brand for two consecutive decades is a testament to our passionate Jeep community and all those who protect our independence.”

As a tribute to U.S. military members, the Jeep brand is offering a special limited-edition military-themed Freedom Package for the 2023 Gladiator and Wrangler, featuring military-themed exterior and interior design cues. The brand Jeep will make a $250 donation to military charities with every Freedom edition sold.

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