Jencarlos Canela breaks the silence: “I have struggled with severe anxiety and weight”

Jencarlos Canela.

Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Less than 3 months after having decided to disappear from public life, with social networks included, Jencarlos Canela breaks the silence and in an exclusive of ‘Primer Impacto’ confesses: “I have struggled with severe anxiety and weight”.

singer and actor talked to Tony Dandrades and confessed that He has been dealing with severe anxiety for years that leads him to have an eating disorder that has brought him problems with his weight. That the pressure that he himself put on his image, and his body, was so great that it led him to lock himself in his room for days without leaving it.

I didn’t do it for the purpose of saying goodbye, I needed a break, a time for myself, to re-evaluate... Since I can remember I’ve been here non-stop… Sometimes ambition blinds you, I fell out of love with music, with art because I felt lost and I was very scared, until a moment came when I hit rock bottom, and many thought that I could commit suicide“, Jen bravely confessed to Tony from the patio of his house.

Gaby Espino’s ex, Niko’s father, and Oriana’s by decision of love, told Dandrades that he couldn’t take it anymore, that he could not sustain an image that he did not have and that he himself had invented because he believed that it was the only way he had to belong.

I have dealt with severe anxiety since I was young, and it got worse, and that anxiety caused a self-sabotaging habit, my toxic relationship with co-dependency on find myself in relationships a little toxic… Me I associated my value as a human being with the success I was having at work and I didn’t identify myself, and that created a series of patterns”, Canela continued telling the afternoon show of ‘Primer Impacto’.

Tony told him that what he had written in his post gave him space to think about many things, including a drug addiction problem and asked him. Jencarlos acknowledged having resorted to substances, but assured that this was never the core of his problem.

Anyone who has severe anxiety resorts to many things, I will not deny that I resorted to substances, but I did not become addicted to any“, said.

but what yes became an addiction was trying to maintain an image that I didn’t have, a body that had already been lost and a happiness that did not exist. However, he clarified that the one who kept him from getting out of the way, at least too much, was his family.

Yes indeed, He also confirmed that his father and manager, Heriberto Canela, to whom he assures that he owes his career, is part of what he still has to heal... And your relationship with the industry?

The industry cannot harm you, you allow it to harm you“, he sentenced.

Although many projects are ahead for him, such as the premiere of a series, a movie and a new album, Jencarlos confessed to Tony that he will continue like this, away and that the day he comes back strong, healed, he will use his platforms to empower and help others.



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