Jenni Rivera Jacqie Inheritance talks about auditing and money

  • Daughter of Jenni Rivera, Jacqie seems to be hurt by the way her inheritance is handled
  • Apparently there is talk of details found in the audit of the ‘Diva de la Banda’
  • The family has spoken out about it and they show a fracture for the money

The conflicts between the family of Jenni Rivera, the ‘Diva de la Banda’ grow as allegations are made of alleged irregularities found in the audit made of the management of the inheritance managed by her aunt Rosie, so everyone publishes something on their social networks and on this occasion it was Jacqie, the singer’s daughter, before the ‘rain’ of dimes and diretes among all.

It was the Chamonic3 Instagram account that leaked her post, in which she is a bit disappointed and that is that much has been said about that audit, in which there are allegedly indications of aspects that they found and for which all the members They have manifested themselves, in such a way that it is evident that there are no agreements or a defined position of all.


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However, in the SDP news portal it is said that apparently, the singer’s children no longer want their aunt to handle the inheritance, this after their uncle Juan denied that there were any indications in the audit. It is even said that they would be willing to make public the results of this review of the accounts of the ‘Diva de la Banda’.

But while they are ‘pears or apples’, the fact is that the family shows a fracture between them for the money of the deceased artist and that also sells, they attract publicity and more money. Could it be that everything is a montage of everyone so as not to lose fame, popularity and even money? It will not be known, but the truth is that they remain in the ‘eye of the hurricane’ and are singled out by their followers and not even mentioned by their haters.


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Well, in these days some members of the family, such as Juan Rivera, Jenni’s brother, have already spoken about it, he rejects that there are indications to the audit, however, it was now his daughter who made an unexpected confession in the middle of all these statements and that it could end the controversy if the family really loved the late singer or not or it was just interest.

And it is that through her account she wrote the following: “My mother once told me while she was crying in my arms: ‘Mija, everything I am is a sign of money for these people.’ Now more than ever I understand the heaviness in her heart and the tears that day. I wish I had… I hugged her tighter. Why, my God, does it hurt to feel like this? Was her expression.

Jenni Rivera Jacqie inheritance: IS THE ‘DIVA DE LA BANDA’ FAMILY A LIVER?

Jenni Rivera Jacqie inheritance
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Before this comment, people began to comment and went directly to the criticism without stops or scales: “It has always been known that they are livelihoods and that thanks to Jenni, Juan has his hairdresser, he helped all of them a lot at the time … That Rosie didn’t even come home, she lived with her mother and today with her death she even bought a new body, a house and a car ”.

And he continued: “Just like Juan, where does he get to buy so much house that even his mother-in-law played, if he lived before pure rented, as they have already stolen enough now, yes, to throw everything at Jenni’s children who no longer believe them” Said one of the users evidently annoyed with the situation, since the ‘offspring’ of the ‘Diva de la Banda’ are the ones who have the least reflections in public life.


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Faced with the evident family conflict due to the audit made to the accounts of the ‘Diva de la Banda’ and the discrepancies between all, a follower said the following: “It is difficult for them to join again”, in addition one person compared them with other celebrities, but was more surprised with the family of Mexican origin: “I think the Kardashian family falls short with so much drama from the Rivera.”

Others went straight to the “jugular” of the entire family of the deceased singer and did not have the slightest consideration: “One more proof that they are some livelihoods, poor woman, how long will she rest?” Someone else questioned the reaction of the family: “Poor, it’s the bad thing about romanticizing the family. Jenni left and it was worth madr… everything ”.


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However, the reaction of the people did not stop there and they defend the ‘Diva de la Banda’ and her children ‘swashbuckling’ and her children, so much so that some followers expressed it as follows: “She (Jenni) gave They were full when he started to see his earnings, then it was too late. Better not give anything and be the bad guy at all. Total never looks good one. Money does not bring happiness, it only calms the nerves ”.

Then other people began to highlight that the bad relationship between the family can be seen in that they no longer follow each other on social networks: “He no longer follows Rosie and the two were inseparable”, “It’s ugly, but the entertainment is like that, you are merchandise, they are selling you your image, your talent, your life when you enter the (artistic) medium.


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Just yesterday it was published on the SDP Noticias portal that the children of the ‘Diva de la Banda’, in the voice of Johnny López, the youngest of his ‘offspring’, allegedly would have said on social networks that they no longer wanted their aunt , Rosie, continue with the management of the accounts of the inheritance of the singer, and that they would even make the result of the audit public.

According to the portal, the son commented on this after questions from his fans on his social network: “This is very funny because no one ever asked for their money ahead of time …”. When someone asked him why they asked for information on handling the accounts his uncles do, he allegedly said, “We just don’t want Rosie to be in charge of it anymore lol!”