Jennifer Garner almost set her kitchen on fire

Jennifer Garner.

Photo: Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

Jennifer garner he got a big scare last weekend while trying to prepare one of his favorite dishes of the Christmas season: the traditional beef bourguignon.

And, as the actress herself has revealed in her social networks, the firepower momentarily escaped his control, and had he not reacted in time, his kitchen could have suffered irreparable damage.

“I don’t know how long I’ve been making this recipe, but just with its smell I feel happy, at ease and very relaxed, Unless you’re about to set the kitchen on fire!Garner shared on his social media.

Fortunately it seems that everyone is fine, but in the video he shared gave the camera a shocked look before the fire burned: “Apologies. Can you believe that just happened? It was crazy, “he said.

The ex-wife of Ben Affleck follows every year the instructions of the renowned chef Ina Garten, whom, in addition, she did not hesitate to tag in her publication to apologize for her clumsiness.

Garten, for her part, responded immediately to assure her that she has nothing to be ashamed of, since she herself has been about to receive a visit from firefighters on countless occasions.

“It is my favorite dish! And yes I am too about to burn my kitchen all the time. Happy New Year, I love you! ”, Replied the gastronomic expert to Jennifer’s message.

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