Jennifer Garner would be happy to “get rid of her fourth child” after the wedding of Ben Affleck and JLo

The actress Jennifer Garner would feel calm after the new step that the father of her children took in love.

Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images

The actress Jennifer Garner would have been one of the guests at her ex-husband’s second wedding Ben Affleck with JLo, and which also took place last week at the American film producer’s mansion located in Georgina. However, she did not attend despite being one of the most anticipated people of the three-day celebration.

The renowned Hollywood figure was married to the interpreter of the Batman character for 12 yearsIt was in 2017 when they announced that they could no longer be together, despite having three little ones, the fruit of the love that once existed.

A year later she continued to be with him but in a different way because she wanted to help him as the father of her children, and that is in August 2018 he had to attend rehabilitation, due to the constant problems that he came to present due to his consumption of alcoholic beverages. Also, He made all the arrangements to take him to a clinic.

López, Affleck and Garner have shown that they have a fairly mature and healthy treatmentnot only for them, but also for the little ones they have and the intention is to prevent them from being affected at all times, and although the actress of the Netflix movie ‘Hoy Sí’ was not present a week ago, it does not mean that she is not He liked the news, quite the opposite.

I’m sure she’s delighted to get rid of her fourth child.A source close to the mother of Ben’s children told Page Six. In turn, the well-known medium also highlighted that to date it has not been clear if she really received an invitation from the newlyweds.

“Jen has always approached things the same way, no matter who Ben has been with. have children together so if he has another episode or gets out of the car, it would be her problem,” the person added.

Friends close to Garner revealed that she had always wanted things to work out between them, because she grew up seeing a fairly solid environment with her parents, and her sisters are also married, it was the way they were raised at home.

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