Jennifer Lopez admits that both she and Ben Affleck have won their respective sons and daughters with love

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck pose together again on a red carpet 17 years later.


There is no doubt that the second part of the love story starring Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck has evolved very quickly since they reconciled sometime in the spring of last year, shortly after she broke off her engagement to the retired baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

Since then the couple has been seen on some occasion accompanied by their respective offspring -the diva has two 13-year-old twins with her former husband Marc Anthony and Ben is the father of three children, two girls and a boy, with his ex Jennifer Garner- and now she has explained how she faces the prospect of bringing their families together. Her position on the matter is based on the fact that, if she maintains a healthy sentimental relationship, all the people around her benefit indirectly from it.

Jennifer López and Ben Affleck share a family moment with their children to help those most in need. /The Grosby Group
New and strong criticism for Emme to go out to dinner with her mom Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.
Emme shares with the daughters of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. / The Grosby Group

I sincerely believe that love is the most important thing. I believe that love conquers all: relationships, children, work, work dynamics. The most important thing is to be as loving, open, and tolerant as you can. Do not get carried away by your ego and accept everything good, always seeing the positive side of things“, He assured in a new interview with People magazine.

The famous singer and actress does not try to hide how lucky she feels that her path has crossed again with that of her famous ex, but admits that at first she was “afraid” to face the media circus that surrounded her engagement and eventual breakup in 2004.

Now we are older, smarter and have more experience. We are at another time in our lives, we have children, and we have to be very careful. If we show ourselves so protective, it is precisely because we are in a very beautiful moment for both of us“He added to explain why they are so reluctant, especially Ben, to talk about their future plans.

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