Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had a hard time saying goodbye and they fell into kisses in the airport

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had a hard time saying goodbye and they fell into kisses in the airport

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez kiss each other passionately before separating for a few days.

Photo: Backgrid. / Grosby Group

One of the best news of this 2021 that is close to reaching its end was the reconciliation 17 years after Jennifer Lopez and Ben affleck. Since JLO announced his break with Alex Rodriguez and the images and rumors of a second romance between “Bennifer” began to circulate, the paparazzi cameras have not stopped following them. But, being one of the most famous artists in Hollywood, your schedules are busy. This time he went to “The Bronx Diva”Who had to travel for work commitments, but her lover took her to the door of his private plane. The love between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck is so great, that it took them many minutes to say goodbye and, without fear of what they will say, they fell into kisses in the middle of the airport.

But not only were the paparazzi the only ones who were aware of the couple, even the pilot of the plane had to turn several times to make sure that the kisses that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck gave each other in the airport to say goodbye they had come to an end.

Ben affleck, as is customary now, he did not stop making funny faces and you can see that he also made jokes to Jennifer Lopez and she doesn’t stop laughing. This pair became inseparable and has everyone who sees them absolutely drool with cuteness.

Many are the sources close to the couple who have said that, although they do plan to marry, both Jennifer Lopez What Ben affleck they have wanted this time to do things well. They have even claimed that Jennifer Lopez he was preparing a strict prenuptial agreement. Recall that the fortune of the ex of Marc Anthony It is valued at $ 400 million, while that of the Hollywood actor at $ 100 million. Totally we will have to wait and see when this couple surprises us with the wedding bells, while we continue to delight ourselves with their displays of love.

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