Jennifer Lopez steals glances with a sexy white blouse, went to lunch with her son Max and Ben Affleck at a Mexican food restaurant

Jennifer Lopez is one of the celebrities who always attracts attention, no matter where she is or what clothes she wears, and proof of this is that the call “Diva del Bronx” stole eyes with her sexy white blouse when she went out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant with Maxone of the twins he had with Mark Anthonyand her fiancé, the actor Ben Affleck.

And it is that JLo, as her fans tell her, spends one of her best moments both professionally and personally, so she shares that happiness with her loved ones and proof of them is the outing she recently had with Max and Ben.

JLo stole the looks with her sexy white blouse

But surely who rThe spotlight was on Jennifer López, who for the occasion wore a white high-necked blouse, which highlighted her anatomy.

The outfit was complemented by flared black jeans. and a long cardigan of the same tone, in addition to her Hermes brand leather bag.

The protagonist of “Marry Me” wore her hair collected and a very natural makeup, which made her look sexy and attractive.

She went out to lunch with her fiancé and one of her twins.

JLo was caught walking to go to the Mexican food restaurant “Your Mother Tacos”, located in Los Angeles, California, with his Max, one of his twins, although they were also accompanied by the fiancé of the “Diva del Bronx”.

However, the images that attracted the most attention were where JLo appears with her son.

The “Diva del Bronx” appears very smiling with Max, who does not stop looking at his cell phone, while walking next to his famous mom.

Max was wearing blue sweatpants and a white polo shirt. In the images that were captured, Ben Affleck also appears dressed in black jeans, a wine-colored and black checkered shirt, who gives JLo a kiss, while Max is looking at his cell phone.

Max and her twin Emme are the children JLo had during her marriage to salsa singer Marc Anthony.

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