Jennifer Lopez wants him out of business, but Alex Rodriguez keeps the Porsche that he gave the singer

Jennifer Lopez wants him out of business, but Alex Rodriguez keeps the Porsche that he gave the singer

Jennifer Lopez wants him out of business and Alex Rodriguez keeps the Porsche that he gave the singer.

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Jennifer Lopez seems to be of the opinion that, after a breakup, it is best to clean the slate by erasing all traces of their exes from their life, including deleting the photos they shared together in their day on social networks and take it out of business altogether. Apparently her former fiancé Alex Rodriguez He also has a theory about it: that gifts that were made in the framework of a romantic relationship are returned if that same love story comes to an end. This week the retired baseball player has shared an image on his Instagram account in which he poses in front of several vehicles, including a Red Porsche convertible identical to the one he gave not long ago to the Bronx diva, Jennifer Lopez, on the occasion of his 50th birthday.

At the time, the old couple made up of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez posted a video with their respective children, Jennifer’s twins with Marc Anthony and Alex’s two teenage daughters with his ex-wife, in which all six appeared driving the Porsche, which Alex Rodriguez apparently decided to stay, through the garden and later another in which both were seen premiering it on the streets of their neighborhood. Now the story is another JLO wants to divide the businesses and ARod gets the Porsche.

Well apparently, Jennifer Lopez would have taken his belongings and those of his children and left the home he shared with Alex Rodriguez thus leaving him several of the gifts that he gave him while they were still a dream couple. That includes the luxurious sports car brand Porsche. But the thing is not here, a source close to the singer would have told the TMZ portal that Jennifer Lopez wants to get Alex Rodriguez out of all the businesses they have in common.

In addition to some vitamins, also they share a business of beer and other cosmetic. What’s more, they always made decisions together, one accompanying the other. This is now a thing of the past. Even if JLO is aware that this could cost him a million because, or he sells his share to Alex Rodriguez, or buy his. Total that, The Bronx Diva She is willing to spend a sash of money to erase and disappear every possible bond for someone who was not her fiancé at all.

Secondly, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez They said goodbye for a few days and sealed it with a tender kiss on the doorstep of the actor’s mansion in Brentwood. Both must fulfill work commitments, so the love affair that they had been going through for days has made a small pause.

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