Jennifer Peña and Obie Bermúdez sentenced in ‘Así Se Baila’: “We feel like we did it well”

Jennifer Peña and Obie Bermúdez.

Photo: Telemundo / Alex Tamargo / Telemundo

We saw them return to the media, grow on the track and even commit for the second time! … But this Sunday they had to experience something not so pleasant, Jennifer Peña and Obie Bermúdez are sentenced in ‘Así Se Baila‘, and although for the judges they lacked it, they told us that: “We feel that we did it well”.

At the end of the show we spoke with the couple of singers, who have many mixed feelings, On the one hand, joy and gratitude for being in the reality show, confused because they feel that both dances did it perfectly and with sadness because they have to face the couple of brothers Samadhi and Adriano Zendejas, who are the ones with whom they have the most empathy.

“It feels weird, but it’s part of… I feel good because we did the choreography very well, I enjoyed it so much, but it is part of the game, not everyone can be at the top, as the judges say it is difficult to choose … The public is the one who decides who stays and who leavesObie begins by saying and goes on.

“We entered this competition thinking that dance is not our profession, we thought about one, two weeks, and we have been here for 10 weeks, we have come a long way, I can say that I am grateful, and I would like to continue in the competition, but it does not depend on me, it depends on God, the universe and if people want them to vote, and but also. This is not a sad moment, but here many things begin, we are making ourselves known as a couple in front of the public, one of the things that has been reborn is that They have seen Jennifer again as beautiful as she isIt has been a very nice experience ”, Obie told us exclusively as saying goodbye.

In the case of Jennifer, she was moved to tears of sadness, but not for being sentenced, but for being competing are his friends.

The only reason I feel a little sad is that it always feels like this when it goes to see elimination, but with Samadhi and Adriano we get along very well, and we knew it was a competition, but it is a direct competition ”.

Obie returns to talk about tonight’s performance in which he reiterates that for them, there was no flaw in the dance. “Tonight nothing was lacking, with great respect, I do not depend on what anyone says to feel good or feel bad, yes we have executed the plan. The judges have the job of observing other things, I accept the decision, and I don’t feel bad at all, I feel that we did it brutal“.

So to finish, they send a message to the public in which both agree: “Thank you for your support, for being there all these weeks, thank you for the love you give us on social networks, we are active, if you want to see us week after week, just vote for us“.



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