Jessica Newton shows support from followers and explodes against Magaly: “Don’t think you’re so important”

HOW STRONG. Jessica Newton He shared on his Instagram the messages that hundreds of followers have sent him giving him their support, this after Magaly Medina, his best friend, criticize Deyvis Orosco and the second proposal to Cassandra Sánchez De Lamadrid.

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Through a video shared in her stories, the former beauty queen stressed that her silence is her best response to the strong criticism she may receive.

“Always react in silence and for you, so when these things happen to me I breathe and do like this (I shake myself)”, says between smiles Jessica Newton.

However, after that, Cassandra Sánchez’s mother shared the messages of her followers and posted Deyvis’s song to Magaly, whose chorus sings: “Don’t think you’re so important.”

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Deyvis Orosco appeared LIVE as a guest on the “En Boca de Todos” program and decided to respond to Magaly Medina for saying that she asked Cassandra Sánchez for the second time due to a strategy for her concerts. However, the “cumbia sweetie” clarified it.

I clarify it, the first time, leaving this program, I surprised her in October, but it was a very simple request, very intimate because the world was different, we were all taken care of, with masks. However, she is a woman who deserves everything, and that is why the world has returned”, argued Deyvis Orosco.

She deserves that and more, she has given me the most wonderful thing. So just to clear it up, I gave him a second ring. She knew absolutely nothing… My work life is not going to change, that request was not for something that is not special but because this year we are going to get married”, he sentenced.


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