Jessica survives a brutal attack in Rancho La Palma while her friend Ivonne is tragically killed

Naucalpan community grieves as police detain two suspects after student Ivonne's untimely death near Jesús Reyes Heroles High School.

In a disturbing incident that has left the Naucalpan community reeling, a 13-year-old high school student was found dead on September 22nd. Ivonne, a student at Jesús Reyes Heroles High School, was reportedly the victim of a violent attack carried out by two men in the municipality’s northern wooded region.

As initial reports detail, Ivonne and her schoolmate, Jessica, were ambushed in an area called Rancho La Palma. An alleged aggressor, known in the neighborhood for selling PET bottles, confronted the two girls with a knife. His intentions were far from benign. While Jessica, who some believe to be Ivonne’s cousin, narrowly escaped, Ivonne tragically didn’t survive the assault.

Francisco, a local from La Palma who came to Jessica’s aid, recounted the harrowing ordeal from Jessica’s perspective: “Mom, come and get me, they attacked me, they stabbed me”. When her mother inquired about Ivonne, the bleak response was, “They killed her cousin”. It was Jessica’s heart-wrenching cries that galvanized the community into action.

Two individuals intercepted Ivonne and Jessica in an area known as Rancho La Palma.
Two individuals intercepted Ivonne and Jessica in an area known as Rancho La Palma.

Swift police response

Upon receiving the alarm raised by Jessica, residents immediately informed the police. Municipal Police officers promptly launched a search operation in the dense woods between La Palma and Colinas de San Mateo, where they stumbled upon Ivonne’s lifeless body.

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The authorities acted swiftly, detaining two suspects in connection with the gruesome act. The two men, Alejandro and Jose “N”, aged 37 and 47 respectively, are currently under the jurisdiction of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. A judicial decision on their involvement in the crime awaits.

Jessica, bearing physical marks of the terrifying incident, was admitted to the Red Cross of Naucalpan. As of now, she remains under medical observation, and her condition is still a matter of concern.

Photo of the culprit

The death of Ivonne has deeply affected the people of Naucalpan. The local community has come together, expressing profound grief and extending their heartfelt condolences to Ivonne’s bereaved family. The hope now is for a thorough investigation that ensures the perpetrators face the full force of the law.