Jesús Eduardo Mejía Herrero, AKA El Macero, alleged Los Maceros leader, arrested in Mexico City

Mexico City police arrest El Macero, leader of "Los Maceros," unveiling crime ties in Tlalpan, Xochimilco, and rivalry with "Los Guerreros."
  1. “El Macero,” a feared criminal mastermind, faces justice after Mexico City’s strategic law enforcement operation.
  2. Rivalries between “Los Maceros” and “Los Guerreros” reveal a complex web of power struggles in Mexico’s underworld.
  3. The city’s Reward Program showcases its determination to collaborate with citizens in dismantling criminal networks.

On the morning of August 30, Mexico City’s Attorney General’s Office (FGJCDMX) brought down a major figure in the capital’s criminal underbelly: Jesús Eduardo Mejía Herrero, known in the criminal world as “El Macero.” As the alleged leader of “Los Maceros,” he was responsible for a significant portion of the violence, drug trafficking, and arms dealing in the southern zones of the city, particularly in the municipalities of Tlalpan, Xochimilco, and Iztapalapa.

The operation, executed by members of the Investigative Police, resulted in Jesús “N” being apprehended with possible drugs and a firearm. This decisive move came after a series of investigations and intelligence operations, tracing back to documents leaked by the hacker group Guacamaya Leaks from the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena). These documents highlighted the role of “Los Maceros” in controlling the flow of drugs from Morelos into the city.

Who are “Los Maceros”?

The terror inflicted by “Los Maceros” is well-documented. Authorities have identified them as one of the primary sources of violence in the southeastern part of the city, with their fingers in various illicit pies, from drug dealing to arms trafficking. This isn’t the first time the group faced a significant blow. Just earlier this year, in a raid conducted in the Tlalpan municipality, 16 of its members were arrested, with an impressive haul of drugs, weapons, ammunition, cash, and vehicles.

The group’s activities extended far beyond drug trafficking. They’ve been implicated in various crimes, from homicides and extortions to money laundering. In fact, the reach of “El Macero” is extensive, with allegations of orchestrating the influx of weapons from Morelos to Mexico City.

Sedena's reports identify him as a possible criminal leader operating in Tlalpan. (Sedena)
Sedena’s reports identify him as a possible criminal leader operating in Tlalpan. (Sedena)

Rivalries and Turf Wars

In the shadows of Mexico City’s streets, “Los Maceros” wasn’t the only criminal group vying for control. Their rise to power was marked by violent confrontations with the rival gang “Los Guerreros.” This battle for dominance was more than just a contest for drug territory. The stakes included control over other criminal ventures like land theft and extortion of local business owners. Martín Armando Bárcenas Jara, better known as “El Rorro” or “El Azul,” is said to lead this rival faction.

Recent years also saw the emergence of “Los Chapitos” of the Sinaloa Cartel in the region. Their attempts to establish dominance in Coyoacán, taking control of bars, neighborhoods, and routes, further muddied the waters. Last year, a significant operation targeting this group resulted in the arrest of some of its key members.

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The Broader Battle Against Crime

The arrest of “El Macero” represents more than just a victory against a single criminal group. Mexico City is home to a multitude of criminal factions, from the notorious CJNG and Unión Tepito to lesser-known entities like Los Tanzanios and Los Rodolfos. Authorities are making concerted efforts to mitigate the violence these groups bring, with various security operations and initiatives in place.

One such initiative is the city’s Reward Program, offering monetary rewards ranging from 500,000 to 5 million pesos for valuable information leading to the arrest of major criminal figures. It’s a strategic move, signaling the city’s commitment to working in tandem with its citizens to root out criminal elements and restore safety.

In the end, while the arrest of “El Macero” is a significant milestone, it’s clear that the battle against organized crime in Mexico City remains an ongoing challenge.

What criminal groups operate in Mexico City?

In Mexico City, the operation of different cartels or criminal groups has been detected, such as:

  • CJNG
  • Tepito Union
  • Los Malcriados 3AD
  • Tláhuac Cartel
  • El Güero Fresa
  • Los Baltas
  • Los Tanzanios
  • Fuerza Anti Union Tepito
  • Los Rodolfos
  • Quintero Muñoz
  • Los Guerreros / Los Rorros
  • Los Maceros
  • Don Agus

Mexico City authorities have implemented different security operations to arrest alleged members of cartels that generate violence in Mexico City.