Jesus N, linked to Los Troyanos criminal group, is arrested in Apatzingán Michoacán

High-profile detentions shed light on the criminal underworld of Michoacán, revealing a tense backdrop of arms, alliances, and threats.

The detainment of a man known as Jesús “N” in the municipality of Apatzingán, Michoacán has been announced. Reports suggest Jesús “N” has ties to the criminal organization, Los Troyanos, known to align with another group, Los Viagras.

The arrest, as detailed in an official report on Sunday, July 23, was a collaborative effort by multiple security institutions. The arrest took place in Presa del Rosario, a town within Apatzingán, where an alleged member of the criminal group was captured.

The capture was made on a dirt road, while authorities were engaged in preventative and surveillance patrols. At the time of his arrest, Jesús “N” was found in possession of two long firearms, tactical equipment, as well as ammunition and cartridges.

Varias instituciones de seguridad apoyaron en el arresto 
(Foto: SSP Michoacán/Archivo)
Several security institutions assisted in the arrest (Photo: SSP Michoacán/Archivo)

A joint task force consisting of the Ministry of National Defense(Sedena), the National Guard, the Ministry of Public Security(SSP), and the Civil Guard was responsible for the apprehension, as shared by the SSP Michoacán. “As a result of the above, the accused and what was seized were placed at the disposal of the competent authority to carry out the necessary procedures to determine his legal status,” the official report read.

Intelligence sources identified the detainee as Jesus “M”, suspected of affiliation with Los Troyanos, a group led by an individual known as El Botox, and associated with Los Viagras.

On the same day, the SSP Michoacán, along with the Army and the Attorney General’s Office, detained an additional five individuals in Apatzingán. They were found with a handgun, 4 magazines, and 28 cartridges. It remains unclear whether these individuals are members of any criminal organization.

También fueron detenidas 5 personas en Apatzingán 
(Foto: Twitter/@SSeguridad_Mich)
Five people were also detained in Apatzingán (Photo: Twitter/@SSeguridad_Mich)

Alleged Los Troyanos operator arrested in Michoacán

Earlier in the month, on July 5, the arrest of Vidal E. G., alias El Vidal, was reported. El Vidal, believed to be a key operator for Los Troyanos, was apprehended in the town of Cenobio Moreno in Apatzingán.

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El Vidal was found with an AK-47, colloquially known as a goat horn, tactical gear, 280 rounds of ammunition, and 10 magazines. Authorities also seized a Ford Explorer pickup truck and an Italika motorcycle without license plates.

Accusations suggest that El Vidal could be implicated in a variety of common and federal crimes in Apatzingán, including murder, extortion, kidnapping, drug trafficking, and organized crime.

Este fue el armamento con el cual fue encontrado este operador de Los Troyanos 
(Foto: SSP de Michoacán)
This was the weapon with which this operator of Los Troyanos was found (Photo: SSP de Michoacán)

Violence in Michoacán against Hipólito Mora’s brother

Following the murder of Hipólito Mora, a former leader of self-defense groups in Michoacán, his brother Guadalupe Mora has reported threats from the Los Viagras group. The group, he says, seeks to force him from his residence in La Ruana.

The same organization, Los Viagras, is believed to be responsible for the assault on Hipólito Mora in late June. Guadalupe Mora, in an interview, described how members of the group brandish firearms near his home in an attempt to intimidate him.

“They want to come here, bring people with them, to come and run me out of town, pretending to be people, but they are pure hired killers, hired killers from Los Viagras and also people who pay them to do that,” Guadalupe Mora told the media outlet Milenio on July 19.

Despite the threats, Guadalupe Mora remains steadfast. He claims his security detail is fully aware of the situation, and he has reported the threats to the authorities. Moreover, he vows not to abandon his community.