JetBlue will eliminate 37 additional routes for the fall and winter; Newark and Fort Lauderdale airports among the most affected

The JetBlue passenger baggage claim carousel at San Francisco International Airport in California.

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Following flight cuts over the summer, the airline JetBlue confirmed that it will eliminate more routes for the fall and winter months.

The Points Guy was the outlet that initially reported the changes in the New York-based company’s agenda as a measure to continue operations as efficiently as possible and guarantee human resources for travel.

This Monday, the airline confirmed to Insider that the suspension of the 37 routes seeks to create more room for maneuver in its agenda.

To ensure continued operational reliabilitywe are planning to change the agenda for this fall and for 2023, which will extend some of the market suspensions that we started earlier this year,” a spokeswoman told the outlet.

The news comes after JetBlue eliminated or suspended more than 20 routes before the approach of summer to make the airline more “resilient” due to the decreases in capacity that they implemented.

“We are getting ahead of ourselves now. relieve pressure on our Customer Support team and to provide more time to rebook flights for our customers,” the spokesperson said.

According to the airline, The most affected airports will be Newark International, in New Jersey, and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International., in Florida. This is because these spaces present operational challenges from the perspective of air control traffic.

Deleted routes:

  • Between Hartford and Cancun
  • Between Hartford and Las Vegas
  • Between Hartford and San Francisco
  • Between Newark and Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
  • Between Newark and Aruba
  • Between Newark and Atlanta
  • Between Newark and Austin
  • Between Newark and Charleston
  • Between Newark and Jacksonville
  • Between Newark and Las Vegas
  • Between Newark and Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • Between Newark and Nassau, Bahamas
  • Between Newark and Phoenix
  • Between Newark and Providenciales
  • Between Newark and Puerto Plata
  • Between Newark and Raleigh-Durham
  • Between Newark and San Diego
  • Between Newark and San Francisco
  • Between Newark and St. Lucia
  • Between Newark and Saint Martin
  • Between Fort Lauderdale and Aruba
  • Between Fort Lauderdale and Cartagena
  • Between Fort Lauderdale and Chicago
  • Between Fort Lauderdale and Cleveland
  • Between Fort Lauderdale and Grand Cayman
  • Between Fort Lauderdale and Philadelphia
  • Between Fort Lauderdale and Phoenix
  • Between Fort Lauderdale and Providenciales
  • Between Fort Lauderdale and Port of Spain
  • Between Fort Lauderdale and Portland
  • Between Fort Lauderdale and Seattle
  • Between Fort Lauderdale and St. Maarten
  • Between Los Angeles and Austin
  • Between Los Angeles and Jacksonville
  • Between Los Angeles and Raleigh-Durham
  • Between Los Angeles and Richmond
  • Between Los Angeles and San Jose

Air Traffic Control (ATC) Centers in Florida experiencing staffing issues. Airlines for America (A4A), an airline lobby group, for example, pointed to the hub in Jacksonville and the traffic restrictions that have caused a shortage of employees.

Although the Federal Aviation Administration has rejected any problem in that direction, it met with airlines in May to immediately increase the number of employees in that center and evaluate other facilities.

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