Jhonny Caz will be crowned in CDMX as king at Gay Pride

Johnny Caz became the banner of the LGBT community by airing their sexual orientation and in the process breaking the stigma that surrounds the music industry.

As a worthy representative of the Mexican regional, the singer rose to fame at the hands of his carnal Eduin Caz, with whom he formed “Firm Group”.

After the events surrounding his sexuality, the singer was chosen as king of the LGBT march, which will take place in Mexico City.

Jhonny Caz at the CDMX Gay Pride

Jhonny Caz at the CDMX Gay Pride

The famous member of Grupo Firme was excited and enthusiastic after being chosen as king of the LGBT march in CDMX.

“What I hope is that with this appointment, if the door has already been opened, that it will not be closed again, we cannot allow it. Right now it is Jhonny, maybe other singers can come, other proposals within the Mexican regional … A lot People say that I am in a macho genre, where we were not well received in the community, but maybe that was what was missing, a figure that came to change it. We do not know since when the opening has been, maybe years ago it would have arrived another person and would have had this same reception and other singers would take that example, this opening would be before, but things happen when they have to happen, “he said.

In this sense, the musician indicated that nostalgia has invaded him, since the movement he represents is an effort of millions of people for showing visibility.

He also specified that after his coming out of the closet, He has had great allies, without the need to hide anything, just make his life as he pleases.

“When my sexual orientation is revealed, a whole movement is made that to this day is giving me these opportunities… I am happy, delighted and I have always said that if I can support a community that has supported me and filled me with so much love, affection, that has given me strength, energy and drive, so I must reciprocate, that is why my support will be complete”, said Caz.

Grupo Firme will sing at the LGBT march

Jhonny Caz at the CDMX Gay Pride

As part of the celebrations at the LGBT March, the musician confirmed that during the coronation event he will perform songs from Grupo Firme.

In addition to the aforementioned, in the event Paty Cantu will also be part of this parade and said she was very happy that Johnny Caz be the one to lead this year’s movement.

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