Jim Carrey forcefully kissed Alicia Silverstone at the MTV Movie Awards

It was during the 1997 MTV Movie Awards when Jim Carrey forcefully kissed Alicia Silverstone. The video has been released after the actor came out to criticize Will Smith’s attitude had at the 94th edition of the Oscars.

In the video, which is already circulating on social networks, Silverstone can be seen saying that the winning actor was Jim Carrey for his performance in ‘Cable Guy’, so Carrey walks onto the stage and kisses Alicia, who tries to push it with her hand.

The situation has been tense, as people claim that the actress never gave her consent for him to kiss her and he was older than her, since Jim Carrey was 35 years old and Alicia 19.

Jim Carrey forcefully kissed Alicia Silverstone

As we would remember, a few days ago Jim Carrey said he was “disgusted” by the standing ovation at the Oscars for Will Smith after the attack on Chris Rock.

But now, a video has been released where it is he who ‘attacked’ a woman 16 years younger than him, on the award stage.

The criticism was not only because Jim Carrey forcibly kissed Alicia Silverstone, but also point out the contradictions of Jim Carrey having exploded against Will Smith for hitting Chris Rock at the Oscars.

Carrey said, “It’s a clear sign that Hollywood isn’t that cool club anymore. If you want to shout from the audience and show disapproval or say something on Twitter (that’s fine with me). But you have no right to go on stage and smash someone’s face.”

Jim Carrey tried to kiss Will Smith

At the same award show where he forcefully kissed Silverstone, Jim Carrey tried to kiss Will Smith.

Due to his harsh criticism, people started sharing the posts where they demonstrate the hypocrisy of his words against his actions, for example the video with descriptions such as: “Said by the guy who sexually assaulted Alicia Silverstone on stage.”

In addition to this video, it was recalled that Jim Carrey forcibly kissed Alicia Silverstone, and he tried the same with Will Smith during the same award ceremony. However, at that time, the Oscar winner managed to avoid the situation.