Joan Collins reveals that Donald Trump wanted to act in the series “Dynasty” and play a lover of his character

That Donald trump I would like to make the occasional fleeting appearance in the series or fashion movie in the nineties not too surprising. In fact, the former president of the United States made brief but memorable appearances in “Home alone 2” or “The fresh prince of Bel-Air” during its years of better media reputation.

However, now the actress Joan collins reveals that the controversial businessman not only wanted to make an appearance in his mythical series “Dynasty”Instead, she put pressure on those responsible for the production to give her a role of some relevance during part of the nine seasons that the program lasted, which premiered in 1981. According to the testimony of the charismatic actress, Trump wanted to bring to life a potential interest loving for Alexis, her character and the great villain of the story.

“He called one of the producers and said clearly, ‘I want to be in “Dynasty”! ‘ But he replied that the cast was already complete. And he insisted: ‘But I am “Dynasty”! ‘ And the producer told him: ‘No, you are not, we already have other people’ “, revealed the 88-year-old artist, a native of Paddington (London) in conversation with the presenter Jonathan Ross.

Far from being frightened by the refusal, the impulsive former Republican president returned to the charge and proposed to the aforementioned producer a very specific role for his acting aspirations. “Look, it would be great if I played one of Alexis’s lovers,” Trump would have indicated in the words of Joan collins, who also revealed that, when the news of his interest came out publicly, the magnate’s press team did not take long to vehemently deny it. “’I wouldn’t want to have to be the lover of Joan collins neither on-screen nor off-screen! ‘ That was said later and it seemed in very bad taste ”, said the diva.

The so “particular” relationship he has Donald trump With the fait accompli, it has become clear on numerous occasions, before and after his four years in the White House, but now he intends to take on a new dimension with the plans that the former president manages by launching his own social network, as a result of his expulsion. from Twitter and Facebook, under the umbrella of the brand Social Truth: a term that alludes precisely to an apparently moldable concept of “truth”, acceptable to those who try very hard to believe it.

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