Joan Laporta: “They are the worst accounts in the history of Barça”

The president of Barcelona, Joan Laporta, ruled that “they are the worst accounts ever”Which will be presented this Sunday at the General Assembly of Commitment Partners during the report he made at the beginning of it, which is held at the Palau Blaugrana.

When we arrived, we could hardly pay our payroll. The responsibility for all this is being analyzed by the ‘forensic’ audits, which will be completed in about a month, and from there the consequences that our legal department considers will derive, ”explained the president before an Assembly that began with 576 compromise partners of the 4,452 summoned.

According to Laporta, “the institution is in an extraordinarily delicate situation from a financial point of view“. The debt is $ 1,565 million and the club has a negative net worth of $ 523 million.

That is why he considers that this Sunday “very important decisions must be made that will mark the club’s next years”And“ it must be decided how the Barça of the new century should be ”.

But, despite the serious situation, Laporta was forceful regarding the possibility of becoming a Sports Limited Company (SAD): “As long as we continue to run the club, it will only be for the Barça members. The political, economic and media groups that want to turn it into something else will find the Barça flag defending it “

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